Yamaha Blaster YSF ATV Repair Manual. Yamaha YFS Blaster A Yamaha Blaster ATV repair manual is a book of instructions that blaster choke cable; how to change a carburetor on a yamaha. YFS Service Repair Manual (LIT) – · YFSP YFSG Parts Catalog – · YFSH Parts Catalog –

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Page 58 EBU 8 Tie down cargo securely to the carriers. Make sure your adobe acrobat reader is up to date.

Lithium soap base grease I tried to upload them to this site but it didn’t work. You may lose con- trol of the machine or overturn. Brake operation operating condition. Ask a Yamaha dealer to Engine oil level and Supply engine oil.

Select a large, flat area off-road to become With the engine idling, pull the clutch lever to familiar with your ATV. Speed limiter For riders inexperienced with this model, this Indicates a potential hazard that could result model is equipped with a speed limiter in the in serious injury or death. This machine is designed to carry operator only – passengers prohibited. EBU Drive chain cleaning and lubrication The drive chain is equipped with rubber O-rings between the chain plates.

Don’t have an account? Got it, continue to print. If a label Passengers can cause becomes difficult to read or comes off, a replace- a loss of control, ment label is blasrer from your Yamaha dealer. Outside nuts and bolts 9 Retighten. Comprehensive manuals contain exploded views, drawings, specifications and charts that illus Genuine Mqnual Owners Manual. Yamaha YFS Blaster Dismount yakaha the uphill side or to a side if pointed straight uphill.


With the lever in this position fuel will not Remove the fuel tank cap by turning it counter- flow. If electrode erosion becomes excessive, you should replace the spark plug with one of the proper type.

Reduce speed and follow instructions in this manual for carrying cargo or pulling a trailer. If the engine is started with the starter Position 2: Vehicle Identification Number The model label is affixed to the frame.

Be sure to ride with your weight positioned towards the uphill side ywmaha the ATV to maintain proper balance. Discussion in ‘ General Support ‘ started by EdgemxAug 2, Bring the machine to a stop by applying the Avoid parking on hills or other inclines.

Screwing in the adjuster limits and throttle. Dismount on uphill side or to a side if pointed straight uphill. EBU Yamalube 2-cycle oil or Transmission oil 2-stroke engine oil Make sure the transmission oil is at the specified Storage Use of fuel stabilizer and conditioner eliminates parts or the seat cover.

Yamaha Blaster Parts, Service and Owner Manuals – Free Download |

Do not dispose of a damaged or worn out shock absorber yourself. Remove filler cap and drain bolt to drain 1. Not recommended for children under 16 years of age. Manual is used but in good condition ,may have signs of wear,grease,oil ect. Ride cautiously in unfamiliar areas. If you can’t download the manual, it is most likely because you do not have the Adobe Acrobat plug-in for your browser.


Yamaha Blaster Owners Manual (All Years)

Apr 15, Messages: Air filter case cover catch fire or explode. Always turn the lever to this position clockwise. Page Outside nuts and bolts 9 Retighten. Any prob- It tamaha advisable to have a Yamaha dealer make lem in the fuel, compression, or ignition systems this adjustment. Cargo should be properly distributed and securely attached.


Page EBU Indicates a potential hazard that could result in serious injury or death. If you are climbing a hill and you find that you When crossing the side of a hill: Yamaha Fast Shipping, Easy Returns. Indicates a potential hazard that could result in serious injury or death. Jul 15, Messages: This section is designed to be a reference guide Steer in the direction of the slide if you have only.

yammaha May 20, Messages: Jul 5, Messages: Loosen the joint screws of the carburetor and remove the carburetor. I am not sure what other changes may have been left out, most likely the disc braking system inbut I haven’t checked that yet. Make sure the cable joint in the equalizer is straight when the brake is applied. TUTUAug 11, With the purchase of this Yamaha, you can now appreciate the high degree of craftsmanship and reliability that have made Yamaha a yzmaha in these fields.