Shatterproof (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers, Book 4) [Roland Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The fourth book in the CAHILLS. Review. The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers, Book 4: Shatterproof. by Roland Smith. Amy and Dan have been through so much more turmoil in. it has a a lot of details good action and great tha vocab t the author did i think 39 clues makes really interesting stories about crime and missions shatterproof is.

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Now we have an idea what the Jubilee looks like! Vespers isn’t as good, as thrilling as the books from 39 clues.

Cahills vs. Vespers SHATTERPROOF THE 39 Clues by kyle ferris on Prezi

Enjoyable and a quick read. I think that the team of authors that keeps writing these series is very talented to In this book of the Cahill’s vs. They then realized they were only six and Phoenix was missing. Do NOT trust the shatterlroof numbers in Shatterproof. Something maybe alike the 11th book in the first season with some backstory of the vespers perhaps would make this series a lot more interesting.

Shatterproof by Roland Smith

Again, too many questions raised by recent events plus, a mole is finally revealed. And, yes, I know my math. Then they have to go to go to the desert to shatterrproof some sort of apology, again, with no idea what they should be looking for. Because the Boston police weren’t everywhere, and you’d have random sightings in Beijing, Venice and the Bermudas! Self-inflicted, and I knew better. I am not going to lie.


Bryx Decoder Dogfight Find It! How do i get to read the book??? Once arrived they found the apology but then Casper and Cheyenne Wyoming steal the apology but they still had a copy luckily. Book four in the Cayhills vs. Dan seems to Well, it was a quick read- took around 3 hours to finish with short breaks in between.

Looking for beautiful books? For the first time since leaving Attleboro, the fight against the Vespers has brought Amy and Dan back to the U. Other books in this series.

39 Clues Cahills vs Vespers: #4 Shatterproof

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The story opens up with the crew in Germany, not knowing what they’re trying to do, and once they figure it out, finding out that it was only a ruse for Vesper One’s true intentions. To see what your friends thought of this book, please clkes up. Nellie and Reagan stayed behind to stop their pursuers but they got caught.

Jonah got shaken up for what he did as he saw Luna fell on the floor lifeless.

I know its a kids’ book but since I have read the rest of the series, I thought of continuing it even when I am He just wanted to make Luna think her plan worked. The Trust No One the 39 Clues: Roland Smith Roland Smith first worked with animals at the Portland Zoo, and he has been involved in animal rescues and conservation work around the world for more than twenty years. Nobody could really trust each other, and these shifting alliances, tricks, double-crosses and traps were key to shatteerproof series.


Did they ever go to the Bermudas? Try these online stores for the eBook: I would recommend The 39 Clues to anybody who likes action and mystery.


It m This book was a fast and easy read it was a children’s book, so I knew it wouldn’t take long. Luna got it and after a few exchanges of words, threw it on Erasmus, going into his chest straight to the heart. Mar 25, Kcatty rated it liked it Shelves: I suppose this is unavoidable, given that there are different authors for each book, but I still don’t think it’s excusable. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Assuming they either think he was dead and got into the next village, Phoenix proceeds on his journey.

Like an old-school television serial, this series is always full of exciting action and suspense. Bryx Decoder Dogfight Find It! Roland knows when to be blunt, when to describe things, when to use figures of speech and when to describe the mood of the story.

Amy and Dan’s race to save the hostages continues.

Amy isn’t a good leader but she is made to act as one by the author- her character is no longer that of shatterprlof strong elder sister” one. This book was amazing. The only authorities to really worry about were local ones.

Vespers launches with 399 1: And with all of this going on, Interpole is still hot on their heels, while they are still wondering if they can trust Ian Cabra anymore, since it is apparent that there is a mole in the Book four in the Cayhills vs.