Aegon Life iMaximize is a non-participating Unit Linked plan available online which gives the dual benefits of wealth maximization and insurance coverage. ULIP with ZERO premium allocation charge. Key Features & Benefits of iMaximize Plan from Aegon Life. Read detailed Review of this online plan by. Aegon Life iMaximize is an online ULIP and hence tries to leverage on a lower cost structure than traditional ULIPs. It only partially succeeds in.

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Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan offers 6 fund options: Please refer to the Product Brochure for details of the various charges applicable under this policy. Benefits Ensures your child gets the financial security he or she will need. This fund will invest in equities of various sectors to diversify afgon portfolio and generate attractive returns in the long term.

How soon does a imaxiimize get settled? Option 2 10 times annual premium and The company will pay all remaining premiums due to the policy The company will pay an amount equal to annual premium as income each year for the rest of the policy term The company will pay the fund value at the end of the policy term.

How can I change the nomination details in my policy? Log on to the customer portal with your user name and password. Service tax, Education cess and any other taxes announced by the government aeton any other statutory body in future would be levied as per the applicable tax laws. Aeon long do I need to pay premiums under this Policy? Insurance component in this plan is restricted to 10 times the annual premium.

The main objective will be to generate attractive investment income while providing the security of very low volatility risk since asset durations would be reasonably small. How many investment funds are available under this plan? The minimum amount of top-up should be Rs.


The same has to religaree used along-with the policy number for giving policy servicing request over the phone. Can I propose the Policy for any one of my family member? Following are the points that need to be kept in mind to ensure a hassle-free claim experience: Or pays you the Total Fund Value as on maturity date, if all goes well.

What happens if I surrender the Policy? The past performance of any of the unit linked imaximizd funds is not necessarily an indicative of the future performance of any of these segregated funds. For type-2, the death benefits are customized to offer periodic income to the beneficiary which is good but this comes at an extra cost. You need to fill the complete details, i.

Yes, this plan has a Top-Up facility to help you boost your Fund Value by paying additional premiums as per your convenience. There are no hidden charges in this plan. Blue Chip Equity Fund: You also have the option to pay your premiums in one lump-sum under the single pay option. Provides the flexibility for you to invest as per your risk appetite.

It also lacks a reasonable suite religxre investment strategies in the ULIP funds. Note that option 2 will also feature additional mortality charges for these additional death benefit features. Option 3 – Call our Toll free number: Keep the following documents ready before you fill the form. Higher of 7 x Annualised Premium or 0. Assuming a year-old male buys this plan for an annual premium of Rs.

You can contact us on our toll free no or you can write to us at customer.

It offers three options to pay premium: Due to this strategy, you can participate in the aggressive fund and secure any surplus generated by it. The quote number for which you have made the payment is your Policy Number. Instantly process the change of nomination for your policy, through your phone, by calling us on our customer service toll-free number using your policy number and the T-PIN issued to you. Out of odd open-ended equity schemes, just about 30 were able to beat a benchmark l If you are looking at the type-1 option, you may find a better Ulip proposition online with no policy administration charge or even a discontinuance charge on early surrender.


In case of death by suicide during first Policy year or within one year from the date of revival, only fund value as on the date of death is payable. You have two options to request for premium redirection: Our Products Motor Insurance.

Equal to policy term. A discontinuance charge would be applicable though.

AEGON Life iMaximize Plan – Accelerator Fund

Being an online Ulip, this policy does not have a premium allocation charge; however, it levies a policy administrative charge of Rs. Premium Re-direction – This feature allows you to alter the premium allocation to be applied to your future premiums and Top-Ups.

How can I increase the Sum assured in policy? Pay your premiums regularly so that Policy is in force. No, this plan religre not offer loan.

ULIP Review: Aegon Life iMaximize Plan

You simply select a ULIP fund and invest. However, if you are unable to do so your request will be processed on Monday.

The potential for returns also varies from fund to fund. However, in case of surrender during the first 5 Policy Years, the Surrender Value will be paid after the completion of first 5 policy years. Pay the current due amount, if any.

Ulips right now are not very portable; reliare only iimaximize you plan to stick for a long term. Also keep your policy bond in a safe place and ensure that your nominee knows where the original policy bond is stored.