View and Download Aeris Epic operating manual online. watch dive computer. Epic Diving Instrument pdf manual download. BUDDY PRESSURE CHECK. Learn all functions of Aeris Epic dive computer and it will completely unveil your potential as a diver!. Aeris Epic Computer/Watch with transmitter, manual and battery replacement tool . 3 months old. Must sell. Buy it now at $ See my ad at.

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By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. It is calculated based on the amount of Nitrogen absorbed by hypothetical tissue compart- ments.


But that time I wished Aeris programmed some kind aeriz electronic help for newbies inside Epic! If we set scuba diving computer as a Gauge – it will work as a depth gauge and timer only without calculating our nitrogen and oxygen accumulations.

I still had sometimes losing it, but it always comes back in less than couple of seconds. I am a happy owner of Aeris Epic! Temperature Display Ambient Temperature can be viewed on the surface and during dives by accessing a Secondary Display Fig. Positives great computer with all critical info at your finger tips; despite its small size, it is easy to read the information; dive computer has all of the high end features of any other computer, but is as compact as a watch; software to set up your basic settings is really nice; works great, as a standalone wrist watch.

Benefits of using Aeris Epic dive computer. While you cannot provide a guarantee against the occurrence of decompression sickness, you may choose your own personal zone of caution based upon age, physique, excessive weight, etc. It has main time and of my travel destination. Don’t have an account?

  M 2X062H PDF

Dive Again Scuba

This model is merely a way to apply a limited set of data to a large range of experiences. Upon entry into this mode you will hear an audio, red LED will flash and applicable dive data will be displayed. Catalogue Home – Catalogue. The same Cable is maunal for Upload and Download. Enter them in the Records section provided in the back of this Manual.

As this is high end dive computer, for those people who prefers simple stuff – this is not the right one. Number of E;ic Mixes.

And as well, battery removal doesn’t make any effect on dive history stored in the computer’s memory. Dive Planner works for the range of seris 9 – 57 meters. Due to the aersi that sufficient air may not be available in When a switch is the Switch From tank to complete epiic dive, the Switch to the made to another prohibitive Mix can still be made. Freedive mode has similar functions and alarms as in Aeris Elite T3. Aeris Epic has overall very similar set of specs and features to Aeris Elite T3, except fully functional digital watch, that perfectly works as stand-alone feature, redesigned user interface with 4 control buttons and display layout with all the ensuing consequences of how dive data is represented to us.

Battery removal doesn’t make any effect on epid logs stored in the computer’s memory. It is extremely important that you read this Operating Manual in sequence and understand it completely before attempting to use the Manuap as a dive computer. Upon descending on a dive, the Chronograph operation will be terminated and reset to 0: Also only Gas 1 is available in this mode. The costs of annual inspections are not covered under the terms of the 2 year limited warranty.


If you get into the Decompression during freediving, dive computer will activate Violation mode for 24 hours, which means that you must stay out of diving for the next 24 hours, and only Watch mode functions will be operational.

ScubaBoard – Error

It has only 1 mabual graph, shared between nitrogen loading and oxygen accumulation. It will also automatically revert to the Dive Main Display after 3 seconds.

Saimon, 21 January aeri Small scratches will naturally disappear underwater. I kept pressing other buttons for sometime and couldn’t get main display back in some reason. Below is a Aeris Epic Settings card with all parameters that diver is allowed to adjust. History stores summary information of total number of dives, total arris of dive hours, lowest temperature and maximum depth reached. Also, to use this option correctly we need to set 2nd and 3rd transmitters to SELF option, but not to BUD option during initial set-up, otherwise we won’t be able to use Gas Switching option, as these transmitters will be associated with tanks of our buddies.

Page 31 Upon descending on a dive, the Chronograph operation will be terminated and reset to 0: Page Due to the possibility that sufficient air may not be available in When a switch is the Switch From tank to complete the dive, the Amnual to the made aeeris another prohibitive Mix can still be made.

Nick, 14 June I like the wireless air-integration. I’ve been diving with it for about 2 years and logged dives. You should immediately initiate a controlled Ascent while moni- toring your Tank Pressure.