“Sinnett, Alfred Percy,” in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (). Some or all works by this author are in. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine. Alfred Percy Sinnett (18 January in London – 26 June ) was an English author and theosophist. This theory recognizes the evolution of the soul as a.

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Elisa Pesta rated it really liked it Jul 02, To begin at the beginning, we should endeavour to realize the state of the universe before evolution sets in. In quanto esponente della London Lodge fu anche dal al direttore della rivista teosofica Broad Views.

Alfred Percy Sinnett – Wikiquote

Olcott, at Allahabad, on December 4,and both Sinnetts joined the Society on December 26, Each round, each race, as every sub-race, has its great and its smaller cycles on every planet that mankind passes through. One globe does not afford Nature scope for the processes by which mankind has been evoked from chaos, but these processes do not require more than a limited and definite number of globes.

And it is only regarding the acts and intentions of those esoteric teachers who have chosen to work through me, that I can have any certain knowledge. And yet how far back to those civilizations go in perxy with the oldest, and even then history is slow to accept.

Hanson, Virginia and George E. The East, as pointed out, has always been more than vaguely impressed with this belief, but even in the West the whole block of symbolical literature relating to astrology, alchemy, and mysticism generally has fermented in European society, carrying to some few peculiarly receptive and qualified minds the conviction that behind all this superficially meaningless nonsense great truths lay concealed.

The invigorated mind becomes perrcy predominant force in the life. Sinnett’s father died while he was young, as in Sinnett was listed as a “Scholar — London University”, living with his mother Jane, who is listed as a widow and whose occupation is listed as “Periodical Literature”; his older sister Sophia, age 22, was a teacher.


In reality perch worlds with which we are connected are very unlike each other, not merely in outward conditions, but in that supreme characteristic, the proportion in which spirit and matter are mingled in their constitution.

Will the reader, in consideration of the fact that the present cosmogony does not profess to work with eternity, nerve himself to deal with estimates that do concern themselves with millions of years, and even count such millions by considerable numbers?

But occultists know how to explain evolution without degrading the highest principles of man. The Oriental method of cultivating knowledge has always differed diametrically from that pursued in the West during the growth of modern science.

Following the order of ideas which just now suggested the application of the term animal soul to the fourth principle, and human soul to the fifth, the sixth may be called the spiritual soul of man, and the seventh, therefore, spirit itself. Under such conditions it is taken of course for the ghost of the departed person. The letters started at this time when Sinnett asked Blavatsky whether if he wrote a letter to her Mahatmas, she could arrange to have it delivered.

Then, finally, comes the human life impulse on globe A. The gist of this statement was critical of the idea that Blavatsky was the chosen instrument of the Masters and that she was sent to inaugurate the Theosophical Movement. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Matthewsorbo rated it really liked it Sep 13, Evelyn Esquivel rated it it was ok Feb 10, He has attained that love of humanity as a whole which transcends the love of the Maya or illusion which constitutes the separate human creature for the limited being on the lower levels of evolution.

However, he grasped outlines clearly and expounded them with enthusiasm. Certainly it would be impossible for even the most skilful professor of occult science to exhibit each of these principles separate and distinct from the others, as the physical elements of a compound body can be separated by analysis and preserved independently of each other.

We must stop somewhere, and for the present it will sinnegt best to take the life impulses behind globe A for granted.


We say that they perdy develop these higher forms by intermediate links, and that the intermediate links die out; and you say just the same thing. Further remarks on this head will fall into their place more naturally at the close of a later chapter.

Sinnett, Alfred percy

Their teachers have been more than content that all other inquirers should be left in doubt as to whether there was anything of importance to learn at their hands.

To alfrdd the application of these explanations to ordinary exoteric Buddhist writings the Sanskrit names of these principles are given as well as suitable terms in English.

The fact, however, will at once be liable to distortion, to suit preconceived habits of mind. Every trace sinneth memory had been lost of the Assyrian and Phoenician civilizations, until discoveries began to be made a few years ago. The information contained in the following pages is no collection of inferences deduced from study. The permanent entity is that which lives through the whole series of lives not only through the races belonging to the present round-wave on earth, but also through those of other round-waves and other worlds.

The Oriental nomenclature is far more elaborate, but metaphysical Sanskrit seems to be painfully embarrassing to a translator — the fault, my Indian friends assure me, not of Sanskrit, but of the language in which they are now required to express the Sanskrit ideal.


Views Page Discussion View source History. Before passing on, he has to live through a series of races on that planet. The physical phenomena were overwhelming and precluded any conceivable theory of imposture. Man has a body composed of the four elements in this transitory body his intelligence is enchained, the ascetic finding himself thus confused, directs his mind to the creation of theManas.