Peter awakens next to Mary Jane, hearing a voice. He and Mary Jane see that its Tony Stark’s voice coming from the eagle statue in their room. Through the. Previous Issue. Next Issue. (Story) Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22 (Title) Amazing Spider-Man # · Amazing Spider-Man # The Amazing Spider-Man #15 (September ) Aaron Davis: Spider-Man # (January ). Created by · Joe Quesada · Chris Bachalo. Characters, Peter Parker · Mary Jane Watson · Aaron Davis · Amadeus Cho. The Iron Spider is a fictional powered exoskeleton used by several characters in Marvel The Iron Spider armor first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # and.

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In film In television In video games In novels. Though initially resistant, Kaine soon considers that he has people to protect and accepts, restoring him to life though with a more monstrous appearance, Kaine later managed to control his new instincts and return to his human appearance. In the middle of the talk, there is an audible crash from the chamber where Peter Parker’s body is kept. Parker Goes to Washington ‘ story arc Alternate Covers: Just after it was broken the bone was reset and Tony injected a compound around the break to stop the swelling, and a secondary layer of flesh tone hid the injury Tony states that due to his career, such a process is standard procedure.

Perhaps most sinister, Stark discovered a way to give his own Iron Man armor a “spider-sense” based on Peter’s, and the ability to give Spider-Man’s sense red herrings. An hour later two armed criminals with a hostage attempt to escape the police.

However, unknown to Stark, Peter was already aware of the safety measure and had bypassed it with his own override, Password Surprise. Peter follows the otherworldly being fspaol may be “The Other”only for it to inform him that they are both parts of the same whole, that spider-based cosmic forces are vying for control of his life and that she the being possesses recognizably female build is his opposite.

The fight intensifies as momentum swings from Morlun’s side to Spider-Man’s side. Retrieved from ” https: The Final Battle espsol Each issue had a variant cover drawn by Mike Wieringo, featuring a different incarnation of Spider-Man. Spider-Man returns home and, finding Tracer, attacks him. In his anger, Peter almost kills him before Daredevil stops him.


Civil War #1 – Amazing Spider-Man # | Vercomics

Judging by the amount of glass outside the window, Captain America judges that the intruder escaped but not entered through the window. Bottom, by Joe Quesada: The Iron Spider armor also has a secret override that can be activated by Iron Man in case of emergencies or if Spider-Man ever switches sides which he does in Civil War 5.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 Tony reveals to Peter that he’s making the final slight modifications to his new uniform, considering Peter’s old one was “just cloth”. As Stark puts it, Peter’s “odometer had been reset” this would be the first time he had an exoskeleton processed. Peter then sees the Black Panther who had mapped the human genome fifty years before Western scientists on Banner’s suggestion, but he also cannot find the source of Peter’s illness.

Spider-Man chases it down, but then it heads into the sewer. Stark describes them as too delicate to use in combat, yet Spider-Man shortly afterward uses them to smash through the sensors in Titanium Man ‘s helmet.

Supported by a system similar to that of Tony Stark’s classic Iron Man design, The Iron Spider armor features many gadgets, including four mechanical spider-arms, or ” waldoes “, that can be used splderman see around corners via cameras in the tips and to manipulate objects indirectly.

It makes its first appearance at the end of Spider-Man: The Scarlet Spider Peter Parker: Engaging in battle, Spider-Man finds that the stingers he used to fight Morlun appear once again, but he is confused because “Spiders do not have stingers!

But now I think Spider-Man in literature Bibliography of works on Spider-Man. The suit responds to mental espxol. Spidey shoots webs at the steering wheel, and directs them towards the police. Later, Peter goes to Doctor Strangewho tells him he cannot use his magic to cure Peter and tells Peter to prepare himself for death. spicerman

Spider-Man: The Other

Earth One Terminator Salvation: The ensuing spieerman sends Spider-Man flying through J. Spider-Man is thought to be dead, and Iron Man transports his body away from the hospital. Inside the tower, Spider-Man finds the pirate spiders with Peter’s old body. After being unable to sleep, Mary Jane has a conversation with another New Avengers member, Spider-Woman Jessica Drewwho tells her that her own and Peter’s powers both derived from the spider, and that she could sense when Peter was going down; this obviously is through the mystical side of their powers.


The first act has red tinted covers, the second has blue tinted covers, the third has gray-black covers, and the final act has orange-yellow tinted covers. Following the Spider-Verse storyline, Kaine’s powers of the Other was no longer after the previous battle with Morlun and the Inheritors.

Iron Spider

Under the Brooklyn Bridge, Peter sleeps inside his cocoon and has a strange dream. Peter then violently bites and tears out Morlun’s neck, killing him. When Spider-Man returns, he finds the top of Stark Tower covered in webbing. Or the spider who dreamed of being a man? This section needs expansion. Spider-Man tells the New Avengers he has no idea about it and they want to run some more espwol on him. Spider-Man January Later on that night Peter goes to Tony asking what his espaool motive is, and he reveals that he wants Peter to be his right hand man in the coming conflict.

Spider-Man: The Other – Wikipedia

Part of the ‘ The Other: You can help by adding to it. Webarchive template other archives Redundant infobox title param Comics infobox image less alt text Set index pop Articles to be expanded from July All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes.

Following the One More Day storyline, he apparently lost siderman ability to create organic webbing, although no explanation has been given for why. Bibliography of works on Spider-Man. Part of the costume can detach itself from Spider-Man to cover an object too dangerous to touch, such as a radioactive asteroid. Parker Goes to Washington: The Heart of the Spider thought that Spidey’s death was premature and pulled him back from his fate, others disagreed — and Peter feels his life being pulled in different directions as a result, at the espal of a metaphorical spider’s web where he is unsure if he is the predator or the prey.

However, Tracer assesses his health and espalo to fight him in his current state.