Anna Deavere Smith is the ultimate impressionist: she does people’s souls. By every measurement, “Twilight: Los Angeles, ,” which. In this PBS-TV film based on the original New York stage production, Anna Deavere Smith transforms herself into scores of individuals—using only their words. Twilight has ratings and 85 reviews. Chris said: If you lived though the King beating and its aftermath, including the Riots. You really need to re.

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Los AngelesCalifornia. Anna Deavere Smith’s stunning new work of “documentary theater” in which she uses verbatim the words of people who experienced the Los Angeles riots to expose and explore the devastating human impact of that event.

Since this event was video type, anns police, which is the perpetrator was clearly shown.

This play, crafted from the words real people that Anna Deavere Smith’s interviewed regarding the King incident and the riots, is simultaneously a historical document, angelss brilliant piece of documentary angelrs, and zngeles chilling reminder of how far we’ve come as a nation, but also how little we’ve accomplished in the way of social betterment. Smith conducted interviews with various people, and this is the stage production script of those interviews.

The first hand accounts of the LA Riots, transcribed in a faithful manner by Smith and translated to the stage are still fascinating in book form. Sep 14, Melissa rated it really liked it. If you ever get a chance to see this amazing actress who I first saw as Nancy McNally, the national security advisor on The West Wing acting out the monologues published in this book, do!

There’s not enough diversity in the leadership and there’s not enough diversity in terms of who’s telling the stories. The justice so many expected to finally find was denied–the riots were tame compared to the explosion that could have come. How do you think culturally we are responding to the salient issues of our day, including race? Anna Smith also uses people of all perspective to portray this event.


A work that goes directly to the heart of the issues of race and class, Twilight ruthlessly probes the language and the smitb of its subjects, offering stark insight into the complex and pressing social, economic, and political issues that fueled the flames in the wake of the Rodney King verdict and ignited a conversation about policing and race that continues today. A very pleasant, sunny, high-ceilinged new twiligth home in Fullerton. Onstage, she takes on the 9192 of the interviewees, using their own words, pacing, verbal tics, and gestures, transitioning seamlessly from one character to another, creating a mosaic of monologues all centered on a particular theme.

Anna Deavere Smith- Twilight: Los Angeles, | Stanford Live

Why is race the most persistent dividing line in American society? Have recent events such as the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida led you to reflect on “Twilight” and where we are as a society compared with ? Apr 20, Diana rated it liked it Shelves: Apr 13, Robin J rated it it was amazing.

While I appreciated that choice to present the interviews as poetrythe transcripts don’t have anywhere near the same impact as watching the interviewees being acted out.

Mar 15, Pages Buy. This play–a document of various voices of people The Rodney King arrest was such a turning point. What makes Twilight extraordinary is that it is at once an immensely valuable artifact of a particular moment in time, and a thought-provoking challenge to any complacency on the state of the US today. Los Angeles offers insight into the complex world of race relations.

I enjoyed reading it and regret I was not able to participate in a dialogue with students about it but I applaud th This book was the first-year summer reading book for Moravian this year and what a fantastic choice!

Twilight: Los Angeles, – Wikipedia

Even getting an interview from one of the members of the military that were sent out to Los Angeles during the riots would have been an interesting addition to this play. Smith holds nothing back while interlocking the accounts of several different subjects.

When we think about California literature, we think of things such as harmony, peace, nature, diversity, along with rich and poor in regards to the state itself in which it reflects the literature.



It was shocking to me that the events of this book the ’92 riots in LA happened during my lifetime, and yet I knew so little about them. In Smith published her first book, Talk to Me: I think an awful lot about my experience in L.

Imagery is also what helps put the play under the genre of California Literature. Paperbackpages. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Through the victimization of the black people, readers are forced to feel bad for them from the onset.

About Anna Deavere Lks. Travels in Media and Politics. The other strength within this book is the fact that Smith took the time to interview people of many different ethnicities, background, and economic standings.

There are several other accounts that make references towards the media feeling that they actually over exaggerated tensions. Another weakness Twilight has is the organization of the interviews. Also by Anna Deavere Smith.

It’s hard to give this a star rating because it is really a play,and so I read it differently than I would read and rate other books, but I was pretty impressed by it.

The beating of Rodney King and the subsequent L. Amna 30, Efrain rated it it was ok.

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

The text on its own, too–with Smith’s added stage directions, etc–is striking and gives those of us who Unlike the other TwilightAnna Deavere Smith’s Twilight: Park speaks in the rhythm of a person who has full authority and ease, and a person who has all of the facts exactly straight” Smith, Read it Forward Read it first.

I highly recommend seeing a performance of this play in addition to reading it. Don’t get me wrong, I love her acting and her ideas but there was simply too much repetition in this book.