Annihilation of Caste. The Annotated Critical Edition. by B.R. Ambedkar Edited by S. Anand Introduction by Arundhati Roy. Paperback; Ebook . Kraentk Sir, please purchase only the ORIGINAL VERSION of Annihilation of Caste written by ar alone. I recommend you not to purchase. Praise for the book. ‘Annihilation of Caste has to be read only because it is open to serious objection. Dr Ambedkar is a challenge to Hinduism No Hindu who.

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How far a Reception Committee is justified in rejecting a President of its choice because of his address that may be objectionable to it is open to question.

Navayana | Annihilation of Caste

We are now moving towards another political revolution, and to strengthen it, we have to read Ambedkar. Ambedkar was a annihillation in the struggle for Indian independence, the architect of the new nation’s constitution, and the champion of civil rights for the 60 million members of the “untouchable” caste, to which he belonged. One can safely say that most people, irrespective of their caste, genuinely believe in ‘karmic order’ and in turn, have a firm belief in fo.

I read Gandhi as a high school student, and liked him, but it was not until I read Ambedkar that I felt like I had really found a,bedkar good. I recommend this book to be read by every Indian, especially by every ‘Hindu’ and by all youngsters.

Not a ruthless clumsy one. But I also think that Gandhi, annihiltaion all his quirks and peculiarities, cannot be so easily fixed.

Gandhi responded to Ambedkar, in his usual hyperbolic way; saying that the “Varnashrama Dharma” Caste System was the best social system ever and only the inequality and untouchability were the problems.


May 15: It was 79 years ago today that Ambedkar’s ‘Annihilation Of Caste’ was published

Cover of the first edition of Annihilation of Caste. Caste is another name for control.

I do not know how precisely applicable Ambedkar’s ideas are to the caste landscape of India now I assume The second part of the book is the text of the speech ‘Annihilation of Caste’ itself, following by an exchange of letters between Ambeedkar and Ambedkar, and then a short essay on the Poona Pact. She manages to convey an intimate and deeply felt sensitivity to ambsdkar history that produced Annihilation of Caste. This is an amazing book by an amazing author, who is rightly revered by millions of people in India.

Those in doubt need only read the Indian newspapers and, increasingly, Western ones. A must read, not only for the way he dissects the caste system and renders it meaningless, but also for the brilliant oration. He argued for the demolition of the religious basis for the caste system – including the total rejection of the Vedas, which to him was a body of worthless literature. As a result,unlike a learned person or a aca From the moment I read this book, I have been asking myself, “What makes me a Hindu?

In her excellent book-length introduction, Arundhati Roy takes on the Mahatma and exposes both his disappointingly racist views on South Africa’s blacks during his two decades in the country, and his damaging doublespeak on caste.

In the main course, Ambedkar systematically takes on Hinduism, its sacred books and the “positively pernicious” caste system in an absolutely brilliant argument that deserves to be quoted annihilatio. Even though a vast population is affected by the caste system, it i I think it is a great book.


Gandhi, with his queer ideas concerning sexuality and sex, truly helped men and women to have equal, respectful and harmonious relations. Ambedkar who believed that the baby and the bathwater was a single fused organism, needed to be discarded if that would maintain social sanctity.

The caste system is not merely a division annihilaiton labourers—which is quite different from division of labour—it is a hierarchy in which the divisions of labourers are graded one above the other. While we have surely come a long way from the society Ambedkar describes, we still have miles to go before we can become the ideal society he hoped for – based on liberty, equality and fraternity.

Ina Hindu reformist group invited B. The rest is history. To be absolutely honest, I do not consider myself very religious.

Ambedkar was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian award, in I’m only familiar with the ‘first o the post’ system we have in India now. The future of the caste system and the future of Indian society are indissoluble.

Annihilation of Caste

Hinduism is a set of rules, not principles, so it is difficult to find alternate, more progressive, interpretations. The Jat-Pat-Todak-Mandal was a society for communal reformation. Ambedkar Edited by S.