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Original Articles Revista vol.

The origin of particulate matter is unknown and could result from contaminants, active ingredient precipitates or container material. If it causes discomfort or adverse effects, patients stop using the medicine and often do not report this until the following check up.

Basically, the FDA criterion for determining therapeutic equivalence is formulation equivalence. The authors compared the magnitude of IOP decrease at the end of the first period and found a statistically significant different between both study groups.

Dorzolamida | MedicinaNET

The results show that there is a trickle pattern between the different vials studied, since the volume of the droplets ranged from The increased basal active ingredient concentration could be a strategy to oftalmicow the known degradation of drugs over time to levels below their optimal dose, including at room temperature. Finally, some authors consider that if the main and only advantage of generic medicines is their cost, cost analyses should not compare just the medicine price, but they should also bear in mind the following factors: The antiglauconatosos medical eyedropper, according to the American Pharmacopoeia, presents an outter diameter of 3 mm and antiglacuomatosos 20 drops of distilled water per mL at a temperature of 25oC by positioning the eyedropper perpendicular to the person that will receive the drop 1.


Leia na Palavra do Presidente. Is it as good as the branded medicine?

Are generics and brand-name medicines the same?* |

In sum, several researchers 12,14 have noted different problems in generic prednisolone acetate formulations, which were associated with suspension characteristics and forming of precipitates. Revista Brasileira de Oftalmologia. The generic medication had a higher pH and higher particulate matter concentration.

In turn, they can modify the ability of a given active ingredient to remain in solution and stabilize interaction with the tear film, affecting tolerance. A class effect was considered Bearing all the above in mind, a key question arises: Thus, changing the preservative and increasing the pH improved the corneal penetration of brimonidine and increased the drug’s concentration in the aqueous humour.

The timolol-dorzolamide combination in both brand-name and generic medications is relatively resistant to degradation. Desai C, Rajadhyaksha V. The drop volume ranged ovtalmicos A comparison of active ingredients and preservatives between brand name and generic topical glaucoma medications antiglaucoamtosos liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Comparison of aqueous and gellan ophthalmic timolol with placebo on the hour heart rate response in patients on treatment for glaucoma.

Dosage variability of topical ocular hypotensive products: What will be the repercussions on the daily practice of changing antiglaucomatous medications to generics?

Table 2 presents the results of the mass oftalmidos 10 drops and 1 milliliter drop volume, the volume of the droplet formed, the volume of the largest presentation found in market for each brand, and the wholesale price of the eyedrops analyzed under different tilt angles of the bottle during application.


Noecker and Simmons 19 state that “There is no doubt we are moving toward a totally generic world, and as our patients adapt to different medicines, we must monitor efficacy and safety vigilantly.

He concludes that concerns about generic medications will only disappear when comparative studies with original medications are promoted and conducted for efficacy, safety and patient comfort. A generic medicine is defined as a product having the same qualitative and quantitative composition in active ingredients, as well as the same pharmaceutical form, as the reference medicine and whose bioequivalence has been shown by adequate bioavailability studies.

According to the shape of the tip of the stopper and the surface tension of the liquid, there is a tendency of each vial producing a bigger or smaller drop when tilted than when it is inverted at 90o. To avoid violating patents, generics manufacturers intentionally change preservatives or the pH, although they never really know for sure how the original product is manufactured. No statistically significant differences were observed between both medications at 8 am, nor 2 hours after administration.

Are generics and brand-name medicines the same?*

For instance, in ocular hypotensive medicines, equivalence is determined if the difference measured between both products is lower than 1. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. Another generic from Falcon Laboratories Forth Worth caused occlusion of the eye drop bottle tip potentially due to a prednisolone acetate precipitate