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Be the architect AND the builder at the same time! Exactly-sized cross units for infinite walls. Can be combined with a second kit to build a portal crane or a crane runway. Zur Versorgung der Dampflokomotiven mit Wasser.

This is often inspired by buildings in your surroundings or by discoveries on holiday trips. It can be used as a railway bridge for sin- gle-track traffic and the height can be lo- wered by means of break-off lines.

The pillars are made of concrete and the timber structure is visible from the board formwork. Double track with small workshop annexe and water tower. Auch eine gusseiserne Wasser- pumpe liegt bei. The barn has a drive-through section. Heute braucht die Stadtverwaltung mehr Platz.


Homepage | Auhagen GmbH, Marienberg/Erzgebirge, Modellbahnzubehör H0 TT N

The trolley moves by hand. Now take the circular saw again and cut out the opening. Signals and points were operated mechanically by ropes laid in channels. You will need 3 kits.

Nasenuhr, Lampen, Briefkasten und Ausguss liegen bei. The three-storey house houses the bank, which is entered via a double-sided stair with landing and an ornate metal fence.

Visit your local dealer and take a catalog. Width and length in the grid of the modu- lar system are variable. Bitte beachten Sie dazu unseren Basteltipp Katalog oder unter www. H0 Baukastensystem Modular system The rai- lings for the balconies are made of stable cardboard in laser cut technology.

Sie wirken realistischer, wenn sie mit matten Farben bemalt werden. Wandkran 47 x 27 mm Stangenlager 96 x 20 x 46 mm Swivelling cast iron wall-mounted crane, cantilever rack with raw material for wea- ther-proof outdoor storage, outdoor cellar door and transport akhagen. Typical s style single- family house, with deck sunshade and flower window in attic. The filigree handrail of body-died card- board is made by laser cut technology.


A loving recreation cataloyo the prototype in Annaberg-Buchholz.

With ruins of the old city wall. Mehr Informati- onen unter www. Authentic historical model x 77 x 62 mm 39 H0. Infinite combinations are possible with vertical and horizontal joints. The height cataloo the picture can be cut to fit any requi- rement. Zum Nachbilden einer ortsbedienten Weiche muss der Um- stellhebel montiert werden.

Modellbahn Modellbau Kataloge

Buildings in scale 1: Width and length are variable. The insides and outsides of the girders are different. Interesting single-family house, with veranda, awning, garden furniture and skylight.