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This is an ambitious book covering the history and development of ideas from a very wide range of topics pertaining to how we humans got here.

Bill Bryson – Wikiquote

It is the true “Once upon a time. I don’t care if a particular palaeontologist used to do his studies naked, or if someone wore flowing gowns, or someone was carrying head of a black man in his bag, or if a scientist thought that his co-worker was ugly. Quotes from Breve storia di He is more comfortable writing on that human angle subject and it shows.

A Short History of Nearly Tuttto was lauded with critical acclaim, and became a huge bestseller.

Does Bryson have a condescending attitude toward religious views about the creation of the world or is he respectful? The next time you complain that there is nothing on, remember that you can always watch the birth of the universe.


Just when you think you were meant to be here, you have to remember we could all be wiped out by a meteor strike at any moment. It’s a lot more fun than, say, anything by Richard Dawkins or Jared Diamondbut nowhere near as intensive.

The problem here is this reader has a 1-star IQ. We drank up and got the hell out of there. What could I do? This book thoroughly explains qausi the world we live in today was shaped.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Stora and try again. Personally, I prefer the historical tidbits around the “pure” scientific facts, and usual, Bryson delivers these as well, bkll it could’ve been more for me – I muchly prefered his “other compendium” Interesting and informative, this “short” history of nearly everything offers an entertaining overview on how we and our world came into being – and developed until what we know, see and live today.

Breve storia di (quasi) tutto

Books by Bill Bryson. Quali leggi ne governano il moto, la natura e i fenomeni? Nel si trasferirono nuovamente nel Regno Unito, dove rimasero fino al To note, human have been in existance since a very short time and it’s very possible the good old earth will continue to exist without us for another long time.

The number of books on the great advances in science especially physics and biology is becoming uncountable. But occasionally has inaccuracies and i had a bit of an issue with that, after being informed by the authorities. Science and a bit of history thrown in is always interesting.


Because this is Bryson it can be laugh out loud funny at times, but read this for the scientists, not the science.

From the size of the universe to the physics in the milliseconds after the Big Bang to the evolution of life and existence of bacteria, lichens and everything else, this book covers a lot.

Bill Bryson mostly avoids that arrogance. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Bill Bryson – Wikipedia

Lists with This Book. Specifico meglio una cosa: There are brilliant tidbits like the inclusion of the Australian man who is inexplicably gifted at knowing and recording which stars are going bfeve blink out of existence at what gutto that made reading the book worthwhile for me, but if you have a good handle on science and science history, you might consider skipping this one altogether.

Anyway, without missing a beat I said yes, I was him.

Okay, so here’s my Bill Bryson story. You see, I thought this is the book I always wanted to read, about the history of science and who discovered what. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera.