I am using CFCHART in coldfusion to plot a line graph with 2 series of data (percentage for a date). The problem I’m having is that if one. I just wondering if you could help me with cfchart y-axis. ColdFusion for some reason auto format y-axis with number, for example the value of. Adam Cameron investigates some dodgy behaviour that CFCHART engages in.

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Controlling chart appearance Search. A struct of keys related to crosshair such as: Use the following cfm to create a two-series line chart: Creating a line chart. When there is no relevance for the old values and the chart only needs to show the latest numbers, use a full refresh chart. The seriesLabel attribute specifies the text that displays for the series label.

By default, ColdFusion determines the best placement based on the graph type of each series. Supported for two-dimensional charts. If the attribute value is category the defaultthe axis indicates the data category. If you specify a scaleFrom or scaleTo attribute that would result in cropping the chart, cfchart uses a value that shows the entire chart without cropping. The showMarkers attribute displays markers at the data points for two-dimensional line, curve, and scatter charts.

The width and height, in pixels, of the chart.

The showLegend attribute lets you display the chart legend when the chart contains more than one series of data. Specifies the shape used to mark the data point. If you experience any difficulties with Chrome, follow these steps to enable Flash in your Chrome settings both Mac and Windows:. All Value axis scaleFrom scaleTo The minimum and maximum points on the data axis.


ColdFusion Help | cfchart

A struct of keys to be applied when you zoom the chart such as alpha, background, or bevel. By default, the minimum is 0 or the lowest negative chart data value, and the maximum is the largest data value. The value 0 is flat no rotation-1 and 1 are for a full 90 degree rotation left. The default value is Click the Save button in the lower-right corner. Added support for responsive client-side charts.

Defines the path to the background image. You can enter a six-digit value, which specifies the RGB value, or an eight-digit value, which specifies the RGB value and the transparency. Creates an arrow cffchart pointing out data or other chart items.

Controlling chart appearance

This size defines the entire chart area, including the legend and background area around the chart. Valid values range from 0 transparent to 1 opaque. If the number is not an integer, ColdFusion rounds the number up to the next integer.

Whether to cfchqrt the chart with three-dimensional appearance: The default value is Yes. You can also import data from a database and create a chart pie based on a column of values.

All cfchartdata item attribute values must be numeric, and the axis is automatically sorted numerically. If the XAxisType attribute value is scale, the x axis is numeric. Create a dynamic refresh chart. The value of each grid line appears along the value axis. For more information, see cfinclude.

Sets whether the zoom level is preserved when a chart is altered or reloaded. For the complete list of colors, see Configuring and Administering ColdFusion.


ColdFusion Help | Writing a chart to a variable

The following table describes these attributes: Ot the directory in which you want to save the chart style file. Use the following cfm file to create a two-series bar chart.

Download Get file Click to view the output. Added the xAxisType and yAxisType attributes. Number of units by which to display the chart as angled, horizontally. If none, the value is an empty string. Added style and title attributes. Cfcgart server-side charting introduced in ColdFusion 10 that allowed you to create highly interactive charts has been further enhanced to produce visually cfchrat appealing charts.

Chart characteristic Attributes used Description Chart type Multiple series seriesLabel seriesColor Cfdhart seriesLabel attribute specifies the text that displays for the series label. Sites and applications always use charts to depict data that can otherwise be hard for users to read and understand. All Creating your own chart styles You can create your own chart styles by doing either of the following: Using the seriesPlacement attribute. Specify the structure name in the attributeCollection attribute and use the tag’s attribute names as structure keys.

A struct of keys related to border such as: Set y-axis cfcahrt for background gradient. Size foregroundColor foreground gridlines X-axis: The sortXAxis attribute determines the order of items when you specify the cfchartdata item attribute, whose values are treated as text.