Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Harris comes off the ending of her wildly popular Sookie Praise for Charlaine Harris and Her Novels of Midnight, Texas. When year-old phone psychic Manfred Bernardo moved to Midnight, Texas, he was looking for a quiet place to go unnoticed. Turns out. First in a new trilogy. From Charlaine Harris, the best-selling author who created Sookie Stackhouse and her world of Bon Temps, Louisiana, comes a darker.

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The best way for me to describe what reading this book was like is to harken it to having a strong craving for a delicious tiramisu only to receive a soggy, watery, flavorless midnjght. In any case, I had fun. Many things are left unexplained and I am definitely interested in these characters.

Story of my life!! The pacing was easy, how life happens in a one gas station country town.

To put it in lay terms: Another thing, if you’re a fan of whodunit mysteries and like to try to figure out the killer, good luck with this one. The list of characters includes a witch, a vampire, a psychic or is he just a con man?

The mystery is complicated croswroad without the usage of numerous red herrings that can easily get on ones last nerve. Not a con-man but a genuine psychic. Maybe it’s just me, but most people I meet have names like, Matt, Brad, etc, but we get Fiji, who has a crush on Bobo. Someone is missing, revealed to be murdered, but we’re still eating dinner.


Midnight Crossroad (Midnight, Texas, #1) by Charlaine Harris

It’s a more stable balance and I think in finding that balance Harris has found her voice as an author again, the last few Stackhouse novels were basically unreadable, but this new book is something to treasure and not only read but re-read. View all 16 comments. Does a bar like the Cartoon Saloon really exist, and if it does, where can I find it? No one has any real, knowable motivation for anything except the most superficial kind It’s the end of the worst of the summer heat, so let’s do a community picnic to celebrate.

Most grandsons would have found the old lady a source of acute embarrassment: Two days later, Fiji sits on her back porch, more relaxed than she had been in a while, enjoying the peacefulness of it all, suddenly Bobo arrives, she she attempts to hide her true feelings for him, the two engage in brief chit-chat, which leads to the idea of a city-wide picnic, open to all residence of Midnight.

Midnight, Texas Series

Call me if you need me. I definitely won’t read a sequel, it will probably only be Fiji’s Corn Soup recipe anyway. A lot of room was left for this story to evolve and that aspect left it feeling rather unpolished to me.

Charlaine, your readers may not typically be voracious consumers of Thoreau, but they generally have enough intellect for you to use subtle hints that character “A” may or may not be a vampire. There are hints in the book that the Rev is a were-animal. An Easy Death Gunnie Fharlaine. I don’t care what characters eat, if they want to stretch their legs.


She was not really curvy.

Update- As stated once I hit likes I agreed to read and review this book. This Midnight Crossroad book review was written hwrris Michelle Herbert. I liked being left guessing for a few of the characters and perhaps we will learn what is special about them in the next book.

Lame “mystery” with lame substance, and lame reveal equals lame story telling. HardcoverFirst Editionpages. Stop at the one traffic light in town, and everything looks normal. And that despite the fact that there is cross-over of characters from the Sookie Stackhouse series, which I am still reading and enjoying quite a bit. And just wait until you meet her cat, Haris Snuggly. This is little more than a crossroads with a traffic light and a small handful of residents all of whom have their reasons for living there, and town custom is to not enquire about each other’s reasons.

The pace was extremely slow in the beginning chapters and took some real digging in to get through.

It is interesting just how quickly Manfred is accepted into the town and harirs how slowly but surely we are able to peel away the everyday to get into the mysteries surrounding the town and the people who live there.