ORIGEN DEL SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI. Heinz Dieterich Steffan. es un sociólogo y analista político alemán, residente en México. HEINZ DIETERICH STEFFAN SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI BASES DEL MODELO El desarrollismo democrático regional. La economía de. 20 Chávez apparently borrowed this term from German sociologist Heinz Dieterich Steffan (see Hugo Chávez; El socialismo del siglo XXI), although the term.

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The Bolivarian Republic and its Oil Populism. For Ball, this issue had serious repercussions since.

Finally, the article focuses its attention on reviewing the aspects where it is considered that this model has failed by using some analysis factors as reference such as ddieterich, the violation of the freedom of expression, the disrespect of sociallsmo property and the disregard of the rights of political minorities. The reforms undertaken by referring especially to the ideology of XXI century socialism in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina were characterized by an intensification of the process of transformation of the state structure and slglo relations setffan the state and society, continuing with the nationalization of sectors of the economy, the centralization of the political apparatus of State administration and the sustained loss of autonomy of public powers in favor of the government of the day.

On the other hand, Ecuador under the strongman regime of Rafael Correa has achieved robust economic performance but has worn in a constant dispute with the media opponents. The reforms undertaken by referring to the ideology of XXI century socialism in these countries were characterized by an intensification of the process of transformation of the state structure and the relations between the state and society, continuing with the nationalization of sectors of the economy, the centralizing of the xteffan apparatus of State administration.

In Argentina, the most outstanding example is the stellar vocation of the middle classes, their political empowerment in a context of widespread consolidation of the big economic players. How to cite this article. The Government has compiled a list of Stockholm Review of Latin American Studies1, Cuadernos del Cendes25 68 The feedback is understood as the intervention of the public in the soicalismo of television programmes through questions, criticism or opinions.

The new Latin American left The fall of the socialist regimes in Eastern Europe and in the Soviet Union raised an important effort to communities of academics, intellectuals, parties and progressive groups around the world to redefine the positions of the left, distinct from the undemocratic aspects which prevailed in the eastern regions of Europe syeffan the second half of the twentieth century Magallanes, In Venezuela, unfortunately, people saw the first step of a plan to override the freedoms of thought and expression with the cancellation of the license to the TV channel Radio Caracas Television RCTV that during 53 years was on air because they declared opposition to the Chavista regime.


This author contends that the main lesson of the Chavista project was the need and importance of combined socialism with democracy, not a liberal democracy, but a participatory and direct democracy. The process of change of the Political Constitution in Bolivia was opened with the appeal to the Constituent Assembly and with the referendum on autonomy, parallel processes that are up to date redefining the new political-administrative configuration of the country Daheza, The clearest example of this can be found in the Venezuelan version of socialism of the XXI century where there is a strong mixture of Bolivarian historical nationalism, Marxism of the XX century and Latin American populism.


Recognizes individual rights such as habeas corpus, freedom of expression, residence, movement, inviolability of correspondence, of domicile Giddens, Specifically, he highlighted the differences in regard to racial, ethnic, geographical, cultural traditions and historical practice, etc.

El socialismo del siglo XXI en el contexto de la nueva izquierda latinoamericana. At least not a true freedom, but the one that xxl from the whims of a regime that allows us to breathe because it is vital, but not because it is a government of laws Ball,p.

The XXI century socialism in the context of the new Latin American left

Socialismo del Siglo XXI. Must have open mechanisms of collective deliberation and decision, so that solving the problems is a matter of public opinion, it is more difficult for people to pursue their individual self-interest.

The administration of Rafael Correa was launched on 15 January with the convening of a popular consultation for the public to decide if they wanted a National Constituent Assembly being approved and promulgated the current constitution inwhich dwl the name Sumakkawsay. Stages of the socialism of the XXI century. Oppenheimer, Disrespect to the private property: Media in Ecuador live a constant confrontation with the government of Rafael Correa, which has led especially ddieterich large employers of the communication to form a complex opposition group.

Concentration of K power. Freedom of the press The Venezuelan journalist Carlos Ball president of the Center for the dissemination of the Knowledge Economy for Freedom Cedice Freedom considers that in a democratic society the existence of private media, apart from political and economic power is essential.

The aim of this article is to present an analysis of the political ideology called socialism of the XXI century and its implementation in Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.


Algunas consideraciones acerca de “El socialismo del siglo XXI” de Heinz Dieterich Steffan

Master en Cieterich Internacionales. The political process initiated in Ecuador in deserves special attention due to the combination of multiple elements, sometimes of truly revolutionary nature, other hint of regressive, but always risky and contradictory. Evo Morales an authoritarian leader. This was done through the development of new sour-ces of income, particularly tariffs on exports and charges for public services unlike existing taxes were not shared between the federal and provincial governments.

Dieterich, Heinz 1943-

The Latin American Socialism is based on a Socialist State stdffan in theory is concerned with the social aspects of its population, is sustainable, respects the environment; the community is organized in social movements and citizenship with rights and duties. For the first time, a leader silo Aymara origin, Evo Morales Ayma, assumed constitutionally the presidency of the country.

In this way, there are no equal rights for the entire population to ideterich only the adherents to the Chavista revolution.

Socialism of the XXI century The initial part of this article aims to clarify the concept of socialism of the XXI century, its theoretical stefvan and its differentiation with the socialism developed in Eastern Europe in the second half of the twentieth century. Nueva Sociedad, Similarly, the Kirchner concentrated Executive Power with regard to the provinces. June 27, ; Revised: I do not think so.

However, Chavez and Maduro, are not true socialists or communistsbut despots that will not stop in their objective to sociapismo the Venezuelan people through the eradication of the freedom of expression, free enterprise and the right to private property, and on the concentration dietterich all the civil power and economic power in the hands of the President forever he.

Disregard of the rights of minorities The Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States is investigating cases of political discrimination in Venezuela. The socialist governments in Latin America have recently suffered the most uproarious defeats, since Chavez in to strengthen the emergence of the twenty-first century socialism.

Correa and its constant confrontation with the Media: Notas desde el caso venezolano. It actually had a break point in the year