En Ausencia de Lo Sagrado by Jerry Mander at – ISBN – ISBN – Olaneta – – Softcover. En ausencia de lo sagrado: el fracaso de la tecnología y la supervivencia de los pueblos indígenas. Front Cover. Jerry Mander. Cuatro Vientos, – Indians. : En Ausencia de Lo Sagrado (Spanish Edition) () by Jerry Mander and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible.

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Not for lack of good content–but I already know the human race is astray and a slave to technology, lacking connection to the natural world. But in the section about the Hopi meeting he didn’t say how we apply this to congress. Supersonic Transport SST project. Will humans ever be mature enough to have power but not use it, or to carefully control how we use it?

In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of Technology & the Survival of the Indian Nations

The very nature itself develops with well-defined boundaries, which must necessarily be fulfilled to secure life. Nor did I ausencka the impression that he was recommending that we should shun advances in medicine, science or technology.

After the war, the business grew in new directions as the economy spurted forward into an era of rapid growth.

Raises concerns about the pervasiveness of technology in the lives of Americans and the rest of the world; looks at traditional Native American ways of life and the effect that technology has had on their lifestyles and cultures; dispels some comfortable myths about what encroaching Western presence has actually accomplished for native peoples already in existence.

Nature doesn’t love us and it will wipe us out if we overstay our welcome. He then makes the argument that, since we already have reliable information or the capacity to gather said information on each innovation’s potential impacts, what we ought to do is make such reports public and conduct public debates actual, fully-accessible public debates, not just showpieces on whether to adopt a given technology.


En Ausencia de Lo Sagrado : Jerry Mander :

Jul 10, Jayalakshmi Jayaraman rated it it was amazing. There are some moves to use our volcanoes as rather efficient garbage dumps, but do we know what the impact of that might really be? He does not, to my recollection, try to say we should ditch all technology. I wish he’d write a follow-up. Or is it something more sinister? He collates a long list of indigenous struggles happening ej that time, and provides a directory of ways to support them.

This book is divided into two parts: His arguments are spatial and have no deal with life of my generation. It encompasses so many jerru — all the things that make up our living during this time on this planet: I’m sure I laughed even harder during a scene about consensus in an African tribe in “The Poisonwood Bible”, which I had read shortly after this book.

I only took off half a star because, as Mander mentions at the beginning, the book really is two ideas. A child who jerty not respected at his or her own pace, tastes, feelings, motor skills, a child who is manipulated to change his or her position, to sit, to stand, to talk, to eat, will gradually become a great family and social concern. He is also the program director for Megatechnology and Globalization at the Foundation for Deep Ecology.

Aug 08, Roy rated it really liked it. Security was their primary value: He also discusses the plight on the Native American in our world of technology Very informative, but hard not to feel hopeless and depressed while reading it.


A book that has influenced me greatly! Like I said, he may address some of this later but to throw things out there and not relatively quickly address the most obvious counter arguments seems disingenuous to me. Without guilt trips or a lot of generalizations, author Jerry Mander highlights how so many tribes were wiped out, their best features of self-government that current nation-states could consider, and how roughly a billion native peoples are thriving in the world today without usually making the evening news.

Earth is our home, but it won’t be around forever.

It takes courage because sometimes these books reveal the ugly side of the world. Strangely in one part he says we are great at predicting the future of inventions and in another part he lampoons the over the top imaginings of the Ausemcia Fair future-worlds.

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I love the comment from his publisher at the beginning of the book “Indians, smindians…” like who gives a damn anymore about Indians. For those interested in going deeper into these topics, we recommend the works by the following authors:. Except we should reach a consensus among ourselves like the Hopi do.

This is only possible if there is openness jwrry willingness for a profound change of attitude in dee from the outset.

As an example he found a bunch of predictions about the telephone that sound more or less true.