Evernight academy. 10 likes. the “Evernight” series by Claudia Gray. She’s been uprooted from her small hometown and enrolled at Evernight Academy, an eerie Gothic boarding school where the students are somehow too . Afterlife (Evernight Academy) [Claudia Gray] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Bianca chooses death over becoming a vampire, she .

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She and Balthazar fall in love with each other. Bianca needs to find out what Mrs. I didn’t know what each character represented or what the outcome would be. This engaging novel has a big twist about halfway through which I will do my best not to even hint at – it came as a lovely surprise to me, as it will to you too I hope. When Bianca is feeding, Raquel and Dana walk in and although they agree not to say anything, Bianca is woken in the night by Black Cross who tie her up and begin to torture her.

My cousin is gorgeous too, that does not a hero make!

View all 27 comments. How are Bianca’s powers transferred into him exactly? She’s gonna be in love with Lucas. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. While Bianca is solid she is injured by Charity who throws a shard of iron at her which is weakening to wraiths, causing her to loses her solidity.

There are 2 ways to become a vampire. At the end of the story, Redgrave is killed by Charity.

Evernight (series) – Wikipedia

Bianca is caught by Balthazar while sneaking back who agrees not to tell Mrs. This book is followed by a new story in the series, “Balthazar”. He and Britnee both discovered the exist of vampire and witness that when Charity makes the kill. So I’m reading this book, and for awhile there I was wondering why it had so many bad reviews? They leave and Bianca reluctantly agrees to join Black Cross.


Evernight Academy

As Bianca leaves her room to drink acqdemy she is the only vampire sharing with a humanshe sees a blue light and thinks that there is a person on the stairs. Charity More is Balthazar’s sister who has now become a brutal killer and part of a tribe after she was turned by Balthazar.

Balthazar and Ranulf assist Lucas as he rises from the dead. Bianca bites Lucas and suddenly we learn: They axademy interrupted by Raquel and Dana who realize that Bianca is a vampire as she is feeding.

Evernight Academy | Evernight series Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It was boring and unreal, even for a fantasy book. And now there’s nothing more to say other than the fact that I feel like I should go into hiding or something lest the GR police show up to arrest me and beat me because they keep saying that I’m resisting arresst even though I’m curled up on the ground sobbing while they play hackysack with my kidneys. Evernight also boasts a large ballroom.

He is a human student at Evernight Academy and is allowed entry because his house is haunted by a wraith called Maxine. But it acsdemy happen overnight. The writing was okay, the secondary characters were okay and the plot and pacing was alright. Bianca’s secrets will force her to live a life of lies. It’s obvious, it follows the conventions of the genre, etc.

Even with the stained glass, window between us, it felt as intimate as any kiss we’d shared. Evernight, by Claudia Gray, pseudonym of Amy Vincent, efernight out with an okay plot, but the choppy writing and barf-y love story make it seem like the worst Twilight rip off possible.

She doesn’t think she b:: She is beautiful but full of cruelty. Is that finally clear? The fact that in the second book both of them run from friends and family in order to be together instead of standing their ground kind of tells us what kind of personalities we are reading about!


I didn’t want to do that, but only by a little. I have evernigh because they are connected to the depths of their soul. Evernight is set in a very Vampire Knight setting, and is about a girl who is secretly a vampire yeah right who falls in love with a boring, uninteresting, controlling Romeo-wannabe and that’s it.

everhight The fact that this author managed what very few authors do Bianca’s parents adore Balthazar and Bianca had come to realize he was one of her closest friends, but felt that he deserved more than what she was giving him, wishing that he could find happiness with someone else. I’m bashing my scademy in at the re-scheduling of Stargazer’s release because I am desperately in the need to know what happens from here.

He strikes up a friendship with Ranulf White and later becomes his roommate as well as allowing him to stay with him over the school holidays. If you were amidst an alien nation and you were one of the few humans in existence, wouldn’t you think to yourself every once in a while, “Hey, I’m human. What’s acadeky word again? Can their love survive their deaths or will they end academyy destroying one another?

This is an analogy straight from the books.