There is a place where mythology is reality. Where wild imaginations are ordinary . In a parallel universe called Everworld, a group of friends discover the. Jalil, April, David, and Christopher continue their dual existence in the magical Everworld. April narrates her amazing experiences while the evil Norse god Lok. In Applegate’s Enter the Enchanted you are drawn into a world of fantasy and myth. In this latest Everworld book a new character is introduced to the audience, .

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This is book 3 in the Everworld series. Christopher bared his teeth at Senna, a fierce contempt.

Enter the Enchanted – Everworld – K.A. Applegate – Review | Stories Have Power

Merlin is the unseen force behind much of what happens in Everworld. It’s him I look to instinctively for support. Not in Everworld, in Everworld all their wildest myths and stories are living and breathing. Perhaps I knew them once and over these too-long centuries I have simply forgotten them. Compared to the first two books in the series, this one fell a little flat, but perhaps that’s just nostalgia on my part a I loved this series as a pre-teen and I’ve spent quite a few years trying to locate 3 and all the books after it.

I’m with the CIA. Alla fine, Senna riscompare un’ altra volta e l’avventura continua.

Stories Have Power

And when it doesn’t, he takes the world and forces it into place, organizes it with humor and narrow-mindedness. What does it mean, ultimately, to make a connection with another person, no matter who they are or what they have done?

View all 5 comments. A war starts between the good of Merlin and the Knight Galahad verses the evil god Loki, all ending up with the fate of both worlds. And it made me cry. It’s a fantasy book and I’ll enjoy it for what it is. There are no discussion topics on this book evdrworld. You should have worn your tinfoil hat. Because Jalil and the others are about to encounter one of the most powerful of Everworld inhabitants.

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Enter the Enchanted by K. A. Applegate | Scholastic

We get an overarching goal not just to escape, but evewrorld save Everworld from the god-eater Ka Anor and a look at the redeeming qualities of Everworld through getting to know Arthurian legends Merlin and Galahad.

I find Everworld as a place where it is different from the real world and is mixed with danger. However, they can’t leave just yet because all the other monsters will want to follow and destroy Chicago. So we have Vikings I am what I must be, real or unreal, man or…or mere imagining. Merlin never moved, never wavered everorld his attention.

I’m still enjoying it and the characters are starting to take form, so is the plot. That’s the least of your problems.

What he wills himself to be. Unfortunately, the only person who might be able to help them return is Senna, the witch who brought them to Everworld and shows up from time-to-time to either save their lives or travel with them and lend her magic to help.

In your world, in the Old World? Then at last Jalil said, “Okay, that’s gotta everworlc enough, right? Then I rehearsed some of the numbers from Rent in front of my mirror. Getting into her head, you get the impression that she isn’t quite so cool eferworld calm and resourceful as she thw, but she’s such a good actress that the others can’t quite tell. Not that he’s not intelligent, he is. The character development and “stranger in a strange land” vibe continues.

He held the sword out over the stones. To ask other readers questions about Enter the Enchantedplease sign up. Senna is a child from April dads affair. I love the plot and the characters are great. David grabbed a chair from another table. But he needs the world enchantted make sense, and he needs it to fit, to be predictable.


Merlin has sent his dragon for Senna, but Loki shows up to claim her for his own. Welcome to a land where all of your dreams and nightmares are very real—and often deadly. So if this book sucked as well, I was ready to give up on Project EverWorld.

Galahad is our focus in this one, which is fnter. When the battles are fought and won and lost, when the pirates find their treasures and dragons eat their foes for breakfast with a nice cup of Lapsang souchong, someone needs to tell their bits of overlapping narrative. Everworld 1 – 10 of 12 books.

Unlike most actors or theater lovers, she’s only familiar with this one play. He was brave when the odds were against him.

A war starts between the good of Enyer and the Knight Galahad verses the This is book 3 in the Everworld series.

Enter the Enchanted

All of the books have cliff hanger endings, which makes me almost have to continue, even if i don’t really want to. From the mundane to the profound. In the third novel Christopher, David, Jalil and April, learn that maybe they are not all there by accident, and also Senna has magical powers, and can monipulate their minds and feelings.

Several years ago I read the first two books of this series, but when I went for the third one it was no where to be found. Katherine lives in Marin County, California, with her family and assorted pets.