Download Citation on ResearchGate | FORSCOM Regulation ( OBSOLETE): Unit movement data reporting and systems administration. | Authorizes. Authorizes and directs the use of the Transportation Coordinator Automated Command and Control Information System (TC ACCIS), as well as coordinated and. Within CONUS, FORSCOM is the Army service component command for USACOM. FORSCOM uses Army installation staffs and infrastructures to deploy units.

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Ocean terminals with the ability to account for and monitor the movement of cargo through a port.

It establishes an ordered and comprehensive set of procedures used in both deliberate planning and CAP of joint operations. By presidential direction, the Secretary of Transportation also implements control systems to govern the priority use of all civil transportation and the allocation of its capacity to meet essential civil and military needs.

In the area of transportation, the ASCC is specifically responsible for the following:. The terms “unified command,” “specified command,” and “combatant command” refer to commands established by the President as combatant commands under Title 10, United States Code, section An overview of how to accomplish strategic deployment planning is needed to fully appreciate the complex processes involved.

JOPES is used by senior-level decision makers to plan and execute mobilization, monitor deployment, employment, sustainment, and redeployment activities. The Corps or division movement control organizations execute tactical level of war transportation functions.


The FHWA administers movement on federal highways. The Undersecretary accomplishes this responsibility by publishing DOD directives, memorandums, instructions, and regulations, and by sponsoring the development of multiservice transportation regulations.

Mail is one of the most important commodities moved during the conduct of a military operation.

FORSCOM Regulation 55-2 1993 (OBSOLETE) : Unit movement data reporting and systems administration.

Army transportation personnel, at staff forzcom command fodscom, must communicate Army requirements for favorable adjudication. Organizations responsible for transportation matters vary in size and responsibility from state to state. Chapter 4 contains additional information and describes this function at the three levels of war.

The DTO is responsible for determining airlift requirements for a planned or actul deployment. ALM supports deliberate planning by rapidly providing estimates of airlift requirements for a given deployment list. WWMCCS provides the means for operational direction and technical administrative support needed to command and control US military forces.

The deployment planner is usually the DTO or his equivalent. This corporation is responsible for keeping the US-controlled sections of the St. Agreements between CINCs may also influence the support. Local MARAD port control officers coordinate with DOD authorities to assure the availability of commercial port capabilities to support military operations.

This staff office has the primary responsibility for strategic transportation and for the operation of the JTB. The Army Corps of Engineers executes these missions in time of crises under the policy direction of the Secretary of Transportation.


This responsibility includes operating the DTS.

FM Chptr 2 Strategic Mobility Automation Support Systems

This chapter identifies the roles and responsibilities for the execution of transportation functions within DOD. It does not provide airlift requirements estimates or preplanned contingency packages. The advice includes the development foracom a theater-wide distribution system. ALM will automatically produce first-cut load plans and will provide computer assistance to modify those loads for execution.

FM Chptr 2 Roles and Responsibilities

The services are fordcom with their unique system developments as follows:. This data originates from the UMD provided by Army units. Enter Your Email Address.

It is the authority of a combatant commander forsccom perform those functions of command involving organizing and employing commands and forces, assigning tasks, designating objectives, and giving authoritative 55-2 over all aspects of military operations, joint training, and logistics necessary to accomplish the missions assigned to the command. All combatant commands have an Army service component command. OPLANs are the result of deliberate planning conducted during peacetime.

The smaller the force, the more melding of functions will occur between operational and tactical level transportation operations.