Shop our inventory for Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein by Marfe Ferguson Delano with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!. Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein National Geographic Children’s Books, March ISBN (hardcover) ISBN . This photobiography of Albert Einstein publishes to coincide with the year that marks the th anniversary of what has been described as Einstein’s ” miraculous.

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This book can teach the reader for a couple of reasons. It was explained in a very clear and to-the-point kind of way. First, some people might see themselves as an ordinary person which is the same for Albert.

For instance he chose to go to his family than to stay in school which is a weird part since he is one of the smartest person. My confidence was boosted.

Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein | Awards & Grants

I did like the quotes of Albert Einstein photobiogrqphy on the pages, his words speak strongly of his voice, which is a lesson we can teach our students, on the power of voice. I believe students will recolonize these action and hopefully make better choices when it comes to academics. This juvenile biography gets to the core of Einstein: For example, “When Albert was 14 he was fascinated by math and physics” and ” Einstein produced 4 groundbreaking articles that revolutionized science”.

It named most of his life in this book and had a lot of description when it came to scientific. For instance he out of everyone got chosen to be the president of the leading country of Jewish people I think? In the first few pages, Einstein went from alberh a legend in my mind to a tangible, well rounded human being.

For example,”Imagination is more important than knowledge. The narrative format makes this appealing to students.

He was born in Ulm, Germany. Open Preview See a Problem? Albert Einstein’s quotes are very interesting. Older children would also be captured by the pictures, but also enjoy reading about all he has done eintsein make connections between what he has done and Personal Reaction: For instance, “Marcel Grossmann excellent notes helped the class-cutting Einstein pass his final exams.


Dec 05, Aly Gutierrez rated it it was albegt Shelves: Instead of scientific theory, Evelyn tells us about the grandfather she knew–about how he enjoyed sailing and playing the violin. It explains how he grew up, his family, what he did in high school, tons of good stuff like that.

This was a great book about an extraordinary scientist who changed the world. I liked this book for that particular reason, students at phorobiography levels can enjoy this book due to the countless old fashioned pictures of inventions and the chronological events he encountered within his life.

Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles photobiograpuy world. It’s written in a way to engage readers and keep their interest with pictures and illustrations. For example, “Although he was proud of his achievements, he saw himself as just an ordinary person.

Genius: A Photobiography Of Albert Einstein – Booksource

It’s a good combination of both! The book also contained a timeline, index and may fascinating pictures all photbiography elements of good juvenile nonfiction. As one can see, the amazing biography, Genius, is considered very exciting because of its use of description.

She gives us more of a perspective than most “If one cannot explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”–Albert Einstein I really enjoyed this photo-biography of Albert Einstein. Photo essay biography about the life of scientist Albert Einstein. There, he visited art museums and churches, visited friends in the Italian countryside, hiked with his family and eimstein also took time to write a scientific essay.

Preview — Genius by Marfe Ferguson Delano. Something else is when he gets asked to be the president of Israel. This book is pretty good for a couple of reasons. Another is that he was offered to be the president of Israel but he declines the offer. The features in this book are useful for a couple of reasons. Biography This book has great photos of Einstein’s life.


This is a book great for children interested in math and science, as explanations of these theorems are explained in detail, or for the people that like life’s dirty secrets, such as his second wife was his cousin. My favorite photo is of his desk at Princeton on the day of his death. I love how he is presented so humanly, even though he was geniue.

Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein

Interestingly enough, a Jew by birth but educated in cheaper Catholic schools, he was not a poor student despite constant rumors to the contrary. His second wife, his cousin, began married life just as his popularity began to rise. Apr 18, Gabi Jones rated photobiovraphy really liked it Shelves: For example, “Atomic bombs 56” that would help if wanting to where something is.

For example, someone has to read the history while he photobuography to read the facts. Those are other important events is Albert’s life. For instance, “He publishes four articles that revolutionize science, including two on his special theory of relativity.

Getting a Nobel Prize is an awesome and happy time to everyone. These events are one of the most dangerous or sad parts of Albert’s life for a couple of reasons. Apr 13, Bobbi Skipper rated it liked it Shelves: Yes, he was smart, particularly in math and science, but the major contributions he made to our understanding of the world came first of all because he was a creative thinker.

This also introduces them to a scholarly magazine National Geographic which they may have never been exposed to and end up really enjoying it for future use. If you like nonfiction stuff, and live albert einstein, read this book! He spent the rest of his time studying and creating more profound theories.

I read parts of this story out loud to my 9 year old son