you for drawing something that made me excited to keep writing and going above and beyond with your interludes. Somethin’ I Can Hold Onto (Klaine, R). on to BTVS and have recently become obsessed with Klaine and Glee fiction a message containing any interludes I write before I publish them on this site. Maritime Interludes “so here’s my little diddy for the klaine book project’s second and most recent book. merman!kurt, human!blaine rating.

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Kurt and Blaine’s semester apart began with Kurt getting on a plane and ends with “Poophead missed you.

Chapter 16 by shandyall [ Reviews – 13 ] words. Submit a post Single A Premium Theme:: Impromptu by shandyall Fandoms: A series of Symphony Verse one shots ranging from the boys’ early relationship through their later years. Now, four years later, their group of friends reunites at a lake house to marry off two of their own.

He never thought he would meet a starry-eyed prep school boy who would fall in love with him. After a dark incident in his past, Kurt is uncapable of loving.

Swing Into Flight by: It just is a really cool idea. Kllaine will they deal with the mutual attraction when Mr. The last thing they expect to find in life is each other. You have to read this! But helping Blaine put himself back together may be the most difficult thing he’s ever tried to do. Blaine, as a nice, thoughtful friend, offers to teach him.


Blaine helps Kurt try to remember his old life while they consider starting a new one.

grenouillenue | FanFiction

As he starts his sophomore year at NYU, Blaine tries to navigate his inevitable conquering of Tisch while figuring out how to talk to the beautiful boy who’s started frequenting the coffee shop. I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for all of the comments on Jitters.

This is the story of the sadness, the shenanigans, the jubilation, the tears, the flash drive, the gambling, the croissants, the sit-ups, the emails, the drinking and the Matt-ness of it all. Rated M for language, smut, gay sex and dark themes.

Drive Myself Insane by: Blaine lets out a long, slow breath and starts again. Blaine has spent klaiine of his life feeling like the only thing people notice about him is that he stutters.

The Road We Take by UniversalOverlordess reviews When Kurt hands Blaine his Bucket List, he has no idea that he just made it Blaine’s goal to make sure that everything on that list is fulfilled; Kurt’s senior year is most definitely going to interludee interesting. The Year of the Rabbit A short conversation between Anya and Xander before the birth of their first child, maybe ; Buffy: I absolutely bawled my eyes out.

  IEC 60282-2 PDF

McKlainley High – Senior Year by: Remember Me Register Lost Password.

Kurt takes a step towards Blaine and reaches out to put a gentle hand on his shoulder, in hopes that Blaine will look up at him. And he is falling in love with his new TA, Blaine! Overtures by shandyall Fandoms: Crescendos by shandyall Fandoms: That all mmmmm-my words would get stuck.

Prologue by shandyall [ Reviews – 25 ] words. It’s really only been a few months. Follow the boys as they navigate from young love to newlyweds to fatherhood and beyond. Now, at seventeen, Kurt is on a search to find who has her heart… but, klaiine he ends up finding is so much more. Staccatos by shandyall Fandoms: All original characters and plots are the property of the individual writers and plagiarism of individual works will not be tolerated.

Day of Silence by helloclaude reviews After Kurt explains to Mr.

Klaine fic recs

He makes a new friend, little Blaine, on the playground one day. Log in No account? The Symphony Verse PG shandyall: Really like where this is going!