The Iomega® StorCenter™ ixd NAS Server offers content sharing with advanced Quick Start Guide, Solutions CD with system software and user manual. Ixd Manual. Please enter the characters you see below to validate your free PDF download for the Iomega. Ixd – StorCenter NAS Server User Guide. Iomega StorCenter ixd User Manual Guide – Lost your Iomega StorCenter ixd network storage manual? no matter, download a brand new one here.

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Iomrga A Schedule It is in this part of the manual that you will also find information about the authorized service points of Iomega ixd as well as how you can properly maintain the device by yourself so as not to lose the warranty for the product.

Video Surveillance Features The Iomega StorCenter ixd will restart and all administrator users will revert to non-administrator users. Adding Copy Jobs Click the checkbox to select if you want to Delete all Shares that only this user can access.

A complete event log, however, is available for download. This feature is useful if you give your Iomega StorCenter ixd to someone else.

Open the Shares page. Windows Dfs Terms Xi4 you enable Time Machine, you choose a destination Share on the Iomega StorCenter ixd mankal the backups are stored. In the Add Software pop-up window, if an update is available, there will be a link to download the appropriate update for your Iomega StorCenter ix4- d. Adding Iscsi Drives When Picture Transfer is turned on, and your camera is connected to your Iomega StorCenter ixd, the pictures are copied to the configured destination folder.


Click Apply to save your changes. Configuring Bluetooth settings 1. On the Torrent Download page, select a torrent you want to delete. Blink the lights To help identify a specific Iomega StorCenter ixd when there is more than one device configured on your network, blink the lights on the front of the Iomega StorCenter ixd by clicking: Enabling Active Directory Trusted Domains Media Server The Iomega StorCenter ixd has a built-in media server that, when turned on, can scan for media content in specific folders that have media sharing enabled.

Troubleshooting Routers If for some reason the network configuration cannot be changed and your setup requires the double NAT, you must perform the port forwarding steps twice. Applying Global Drive Management Settings Do not place the Iomega StorCenter ixd on an unstable surface.

To delete an existing Share, click to expand the Share. Configuring A Facebook Active Folder The recorded video files are saved to this folder, and the Iomega StorCenter ixd automatically organizes your saved video recordings into folders by video camera name.

More Resetting the administrator password Factory Reset. Setting A Retention Policy If you are using Remote Access, the Home page is the landing page to access your device. Home Page Settings This manual also for: If Iomega is unable to repair or replace a defective product, your alternate exclusive remedy shall be a refund of the original purchase price.


Iomega StorCenter ixd Manuals

The Home page of the Iomega StorCenter ixd displays. Configuring Rsync Server Settings P rofessional-level client backup for all you r. As you add a member Iomega device to your Personal Cloud, a Copy Jobs icon displays next to that member device in the Membership table.

B usiness users will appreciate the. Click from the Actions column of the table to delete the Copy Job. Log In Issues You can also apply the configuration backup to other Iomega StorCenter devices of the same model, effectively using the configuration as a template. Cloud Services offer connections to virtual storage from your Iomega StorCenter ixd.

Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d User Manual Guide

Restoring A Configuration Backup Any Share can be enabled as a Torrent Active Folder. Your sole and exclusive remedy for a covered defect is repair ioega replacement of the defective product, at Iomega’s sole option and expense shipping may be chargedand Iomega may use new or refurbished parts or products to do so.

When the cable is unplugged, the printer will be removed from the table. First page Last page 1 2.