IPCC Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards August Supersedes IPCB with Amendments. Slash Sheets. Isola laminate and prepreg materials are certified to IPC or IPC IPC, “Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multi-layer. IPC Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards.

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Arc Resistance, minimum Reinforcement distortion variation in pick line per mm [ A completed IPC contains a pro?

Dewetted areas measured in at least two dimensions are 2. Nominal thickness, width, and length of material see 3. Vicka White, Honeywell Inc. When certifying to multiple speci? All foil weights may be plated up to 35?

The length and width of prepreg panels shall be as speci? When an IPC publication opc updated and a new revision is opc, it is the opinion of the TAEC that the use of the new revision as part of an existing relationship is not automatic unless required by the contract. Flammability as laminated 6. Other prepreg parameters, if applicable see 1. The following information is to be included: For alternate resin systems not covered by this speci?

Production inspection, if applicable see 4. Requirements are dynamic in nature and are based on what is accepted in the worldwide market. Resubmitted lots shall be inspected using tightened inspection. Title, number and revision letter of the speci?


IPC-4101C: Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

When applicable, the need for marking, location of the marking, information presented in the marking and the type of marking shall be speci? When specimens are tested in accordance with Tablethe weight change following chemical exposure shall be as agreed upon between user and supplier. Title, number and date of any applicable drawing.

Requirements for foil indentations do not apply to copper that has been treated on both sides. An individual supplier may choose to use a combination of the four assurance techniques listed above to prove compliance. Class A applies, unless otherwise speci? Request for a test data report and desired test methods, if applicable. Visual inspection may be carried out under ambient temperature and humidity conditions. Specimens 75 mm x 75 mm [2.

Include a feedback system on use and problems for future improvement Standards Should Not: In the Table August event of any con? Adopted October 6, Your purchase of this document contributes to the ongoing development of new and updated industry standards and publications. Hideo Kato, Nitto Boseki Co. E Reinforcement Style see 1. When specimens are tested in accordance with Tablethe average minimum?

Pin-holed areas are 0. If the applicable speci? Cladding type R may be substituted for type C, and cladding type S may be substituted for type H.


Peel Strength, minimum A. A point value shall be allocated according to the longest dimension as speci? At elevated temperature 3.

The supplier shall retain on? A record of those materials quali? All other foil — composite 2. The base thickness shall be measured in accordance with Figure and taken at the closest point between metal claddings see Figure 4101 content maximum 4. The designation code from the classi? It is recognized that different test methods yield 16 When specimens are tested in accordance with Tablethe average 41001c permittivity shall be as indicated in the applicable speci?

Flexural Strength, minimum A. Surface and subsurface imperfections i. Agreements can be used to de? The name and address of the supplier.


All rights reserved under both international and Pan-American 44101c conventions. Reference information is shown in parentheses. The fracture toughness of the base resin system is being recognized as a signi?

Fabricated Laminate Sheet Material Standards allow manufacturers greater efficiencies when they can set up their processes to meet industry standards, allowing them to offer their customers lower costs.

The longest dimension of each foil indentation in a specimen shall be measured with a suitable reticule on a minimum 4X magni?