The Real Astrology has 64 ratings and 6 reviews. Jeri said: Some readers get angry with Frawley because he is not handing them a step by step recipe book. John Frawley – The Real Astrology OCR – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Horary Astrology – an extracted chapter from The Real Astrology – by John Frawley This understanding runs throughout astrology; there is no astrology without.

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The Real Astrology by John Frawley

I could give my view of this book in three words: Interspersed with the essays is Frawley’s humorous take on advice columns, “Neptunia Replies…a word from our sensitive seer.

Ben rated it really liked it May 14, And they have scads of aspects to discuss, in which every planet has equal weight with every other planet in the chart. But even natal astrology, the be-all and end-all of the craft today, is but a stepping stone on the path to the three highest sections in our list of subjects, which together comprise ‘mundane’ astrology: The traditional teacher has a careful belief that it is better to start with what is easier and work towards what astrologg more difficult.

Frawley is passionate about his subject, which is one of the reasons his book is so hard to put down.

The Real Astrology

By seeing the tradition as offering only horary, which the moderns lack the astrolpgy to perform, they can avoid having their own strange ideas of natal astrology challenged by other ideas that actually work. Read it if you want another opinion on Creationism. Return to Book Page.

To the modern mind, horary makes no sense at all, even less so than tarot or I-Ching, where the astfology does at least have contact with the cards or the coins: This is for astrologers with a more traditional bent. Goodreads helps you ghe track of books you want to read. For this, however, both artist and querent must always be aware that all is subject to the Will of God.


Earnest rated it it was amazing Mar 13, For that purpose, his Horary Textbook can’t be beat. Pedro Costa rated it really liked it May 25, Winner of the Spica Award: The Real Astrology was described in the Astrological Association Journal as “a must for all serious astrologers”.

Again, with his biting sense of humor and ability to cut to the heart of the matter, Frawley writes about Arabian parts, antiscia, dignity and reception, the Moon and fixed stars, and a long about 60 pages exposition astroloty the houses. Aaron H rated it it was amazing Feb 28, The study of modern astrology invariably begins with birth-charts, which astrolofy akin to confronting children in the first year of elementary school with the differential calculus.

Horary cannot be done at all with modern methods – as those text-books which attempt to demonstrate such a method make perfectly clear.

A few of those who master natal astrology will find their way to a study of horary, as if that small proportion who study maths at university were finally to be introduced to the multiplication tables. In “The Real Astrology”, John Frawley purports to, at one single blow, differentiate modern astrology from its traditional form, attack the so-called scientific view of astrology, uphold tradition in the light of the perennial school, and give an outlook on the various branches and uses of traditional astrology.

In he encountered the work of 17th-century English astrologer William Lilly. This understanding runs throughout astrology; there is no astrology without it: The traditional authorities laid down a strict hierarchy of ‘subjects fit to be judged’, matters into which astrologers might usefully pry. Sweeping away the misconceptions of both modern astrologers and sceptics, a clear exposition of the cosmological background explains how and why traditional astrology works.

But that does not stop me from admiring this tour de force taking in everything from Horary to Mundane Astrology, a Where do I begin? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Frswley. I highly recommend this book. International Book of the Year. Left only with the material, we cannot possibly provide a convincing explanation for the workings of astrology. In fact, even though it is not done consciously, the querent exercises precise control over the moment of the question.


If you don’t know the difference, ftawley astrology is based on Some readers get angry with Frawley because he is not handing them a step by step recipe book on how to do a chart.

As might be expected, traditional didactic texts start the student from the bottom and lead him gradually upward. The classic image asgrology essence is as the Idea in the mind of the Divine Architect, the accidental form of which Idea appears to us as an object in the world. Inhe launched his publishing company, Apprentice Books.

Indeed, Frawley, who is blessed with excellent British wit, deploys it against the thinking of the moderns. C rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Following the traditional pathway we shall start our ascent with a consideration of horary. Taking formal training from Olivia Barclayhe decided to specialise in western traditional astrology, which he perceives as having a rigorously logical approach, [1] [3] a capacity to deliver precise and concrete delineation, [3] verifiable judgements [1] [3] and a foundation in a cosmology inseparable from a religious or spiritual faith.

If you don’t know the difference, “Real” astrology is based on a world view held in the middle ages that the eternal things are “Real” and the life that we live here on this earth is merely the manifestation of the Real in the material world. As we might expect, we see here not just a hierarchy of meaning, but also a hierarchy of technique: A real eye-opener for astrology students.

In the traditional cosmos, there is nothing random; there is no pure chance. Where do I begin? Frawley runs his own diploma courses in traditional horary and traditional natal astrology. To ask other readers questions about The Real Astrologyplease sign up.

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