Lannea microcarpa Engl. & K. Krause [family ANACARDIACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa . PDF | Lannea microcarpa (Anacardiaceae) is a tropical tree used in African folk medicine and commercial dermopharmaceutical formulations. Lannea microcarpa. lannea_microcarpa-_dreyer-stiftung-_dano-_bf- _5_porembski__d64bd3 Common Name:Tree grapes. References.

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The bark has a sweet smell and contains a gum which is soluble in water and is edible[ Title Protabase – Plant Resources of Tropical Africa. Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this. Collections du Mali No 8. Antidiarrhoeic activity of Lannea microcarpa bark. Volume 5, Families S—Z, Addenda.

Propagation Seed – no pre-treatment is required to germinate fresh seeds. It is used in baths and lotions for blotches, herpes, etc. Plants used by the Tsonga people of Gazankulu. The bark of Lannea schweinfurthii Engl. Lannea microcarpa MAP 4: Now containing plants.

In Ghana among the Akan and the Ashanti people, the dye from the bark is traditionally used for mourning clothes although micdocarpa synthetic dyestuffs may now be used instead. To obtain a faster colour, bogolan dyers associate this dye with a decoction of the bark of Anogeissus leiocarpa. Plant Resources of Tropical Africa Introduction. Publisher Royal Botanic Gardens; Kew.


After it has cooled down, the decoction is filtered and is then ready for use as a dye bath. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The bark is pounded and boiled for 2—3 microcar;a in water. The leaves have medicinal use as those of L.

Lannea Microcarpa – Afr’OYA – Pharmacopée Africaine – IN’OYA

Fulani camp in a Balanites It is also possible that bark mixtures are used sometimes. The dye is not very fast, except in the black parts of the design[ Title Protabase – Plant Resources of Tropical Africa. The useful plants of West Tropical Africa. The use of Lannea bark for red dyeing is still important and widespread in West Africa. Subsequently the cloth is dyed using iron-rich mud of the bogolan technique.

In Senegal wood ash is applied to imcrocarpa abscesses. Therefore, the exact identity of lannes species used in a particular dyeing process is not always certain, except from field observations complemented by botanical identification of the collected dye material.

West African Plants

In Senegal wood ash is applied to maturate abscesses. In this process a mordant has to be used. Lannea microcarpa Photo Chapman and Hall, London, United Kingdom. A leaf decoction is drunk to treat swellings; it is also added to a bath[ Title Protabase – Plant Resources of Tropical Africa.

Lannea microcarpa Images – Useful Tropical Plants

However, the generally low germination responses are caused by the seed-coat imposed dormancy, not due to an impermeability of the endocarp to water. In Benin dried pulverized aerial parts are rubbed into scarifications against pain between the ribs and are taken internally against colic. Medicinal The dried, pulverized aerial parts of the plant are rubbed into scarifications to treat pain between the ribs and are taken internally against colic[ Title Protabase – Plant Resources of Tropical Africa.


There are book citations related to Lannea microcarpa Engl. Towards the lnanea of this period a small ladleful of wood ash is added as mordant, resulting in a darker coloured liquid that is kept boiling strongly for about half an hour. The powdered root, mixed with salt, is made into a tampon for application to the scrotum in treating orchitis[ Title The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa.

In Ghana leaves are used as a dressing for wounds. Leaves fall off at the beginning of the dry season; flowering is at the end of the dry season, before the appearance of the new leaves. In Ghana leaves are used as a dressing for wounds. Volume 1, part 2.