View LEGO instructions for Fork Lift Truck set number to help you build these LEGO sets. Fork-lift Truck Item №: Pieces: Released: Theme: TECHNIC Item №: What do you guys think about the Hogwarts LEGO set?. LEGO® building instructions No. see picture! Trademark LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which this page has not sponsored or authorized.

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Please try our search function first. Rome Wed Jan 16, Much better looking than its predecessor, it leo benefits from a lifting mechanism that closely mirrors the solution on real forklifts.

When taking the model apart, I took lots of photos to document leto process in reverse and inventoried all parts needed. I was happy to get such an old model in a new box and for a good price I could afford it from my pocket money, if I remember correctlyand I could finally get my hands on that old pneumatic system. London Mon Jan 21, Put an old gray 1×2 Technic brick with one hole at the other end of the center arm, so the arm has one brick lfgo each end.

Instructions for 8843-1 – Fork Lift Truck

Lego Technic Bauanleitung neuwertig. You will find below the best auctions and items available on eBay and Amazon for this title.

So leg took me quite some time to get it right and involved some deconstruction and correction of mistakes I made with the new pneumatics, especially considering hose length and placement. Oego Tue Jan 22, I have build this very good pneumatic-upgrade version posted by MadMax in this topic. These will be affixed later. A quick build, it uses the limited palette of pieces then available to good effect. Posted October 28, Stick to the forklift though and this is a good set, with only one major flaw.


From what age is Lego suited to play with?

Because of that, I always kept this old Technic set close to my 8843. I’ve always wondered why TLG decided to design the first generation of Pneumatics in such an awkward way.

I might actually built it myself, since I’ve never owned this set. Before you begin constructing your excavator, look at this picture and the oego list to find out if you have all the required parts for the upgrade. Attaching the rigid tubes is done via four half-length pins with stud as well as four clamp plates.

Already have an account? London Tue Jan 15, London Sat Jan 05, Vienna Sun Jan 13, Lfgo actually have those old pneumatic parts but not the set. The only demerit with this model concerns the jerky movement 8483 the forks. While i do have all the old pneumatic parts i might try this sometime just to know how it moves with the newer parts. The suction is very weak, and the distribution block just adds to the complexity.

Can Lego and Duplo bricks be used in combination with each other?

Bricker – Construction Toy by LEGO Fork Lift Truck

Are you satisfied with this Lego product? Build the excavator arms as instructed, but replace the lfgo old actuators with new ones facing the same direction.

Well, from a pure aesthetic ldgo one have to say, that the 1-hose system is way better just imagine that the hoses can 88843 be shortened a little bit but these are the length of the BI But if we come to performance than first such a comparison of two identical models with different pneumatic systems demonstrates what a huge leap forward the new pneumatic system is: I recommend leaving the toothed side of the bushings outward for the actuator axle and not pushing them too far on the axle to prevent bending of the plates.


Paris Thu Jan 03, EUR 20,00 0 Gebote. Very nice but is there not a later version of this set with the newer cylinders? The perfect starter kit. Looks great, must have brought back some feelings of nostalgia. Rome Wed Jan 09, Check out the FAQ for more information on what our tool has to offer: I have merged your new topic with the old one, to keep the information in one place. Nice mod by the way: Sign In Sign Up. Clamp the two rigid tubes to two clamp plates each so they fit with the studs on the pins, and put the clamp plates with the tubes on the studs, attaching the tubes to the arms.

The only design choice I could criticize is the strange skeleton of a cockpit.

The pneumatic excavator is a very good example for a comparison of the old 1-hose cylinders and the new 2-hose cylinders pneumatic system. Attach the black 18 cm hose to the right top lug of the third switch.