Although the technique discussed in this guide is relatively simple, it requires a certain amount of .. Les Vers – Des croyances populaires au lombricompostage. A Council? A notice to be given? We are there for you from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 12 h and from 14 h to 18 h. Free call forward fixed. In the composting chamber, earth worms transform feces and toilet paper into compost. Dans le local de compostage les vers de terre.

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Every day, I get up to 5 cl of concentrated liquid fertilizer Thanks to the faucet located at the bottom of the City of Worms. Its design strengthens the structure and strength of the base. The vermicompost will lombricompostagw ready to harvest about 3 weeks later.


It may be shredded newspaper or lombricompodtage, mixed with a bit of sand or soil. Its pH is relatively neutral. Safe inside a covered bin, they transform food scraps and plant waste into high-quality compost. Vermicomposting worm composting is a simple way to recycle most of this organic material.

In artificial environment, Eisenia lombricopmostage live more than year. Plants receiving vermicompost are more productive and generally more resistant to disease. Son charme y fait aussi pour beaucoup: He s can absorb them all up to g of organic waste!

The digestive tract is quite developed. H author calculated for a flow easy logging – long service life. City Worms the guide.


It will also work wonders in your vegetable garden and flower beds. A tray under the vermicomposter to collect any liquid.

The Vermicomposting

How to make a vermicomposter Vermicomposting takes little space or equipment: Vermicompost makes a great soil amendment for houseplants and seedlings. Odourless, very convenient, Top quality green manure. Vermicompost is an amendment rich in nutrients for plants nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Red wriggler and vermicomposter lombricompoetage The most common is the “Lombricus terrestris”, or “laborer worms. It improves aeration, soil structure and increases its ability to retain water. How to feed the worms Red wrigglers eat their bedding as well as chopped-up kitchen scraps and garden waste. The worm aerates the soil by tunneling. There are two types of worms: Surface effects on loombricompostage outside corners of the feet protect from shocks and avoid unsightly wear.

Flower Press, Dumas, Maurice. Vermicomposting is a technique using a natural and ecological processes consisting in placing in a container worms that feed on organic waste that we bring to them regularly when preparing meals.

What worms used for vermicomposting? Added to the free compost, this is real savings, and my neighbors can also enjoy! Want to be to know more? These worms eat up the equivalent of their weight per day of organic material and reduce by 5 the initial volume they have absorbed.

Available for the countries of the European Union.

Vermicomposting / lombricompostage | In the composting chamb… | Flickr

They need to be fed one to three times a week. Worms Eat my Garbage: It improves the bloom, develops the foliage, strengthens plants, repels unwanted aphidsand accelerates germination.


His body is made up of rings called segments. Red wrigglers eat their bedding as well as chopped-up kitchen scraps and garden waste. As its name suggests, this composting method relies on worms, more specifically a type of worms known as red wrigglers Eisenia foetida.

Vermicomposting / lombricompostage

Solid and liquid fertilizer produced by your City Worms is a fertilizer of premium quality: It reproduces very fast. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you accept the use of cookies. Votre panier est vide. Nevertheless, the coupling is made between two worms positioning top-to-tail and due to this fact, juxtaposing their organs.

If foul odours do occur, it points lombricompostqge an imbalance, usually because there is too much food in the vermicomposter or the bedding is too wet.

This liquid fertilizer is used, diluted in 10 parts water for watering plants. Diluted 10 times in the water, I get up to one liter lombricompostwge natural fertilizer per day! More than 20 large communities forecasts appreciate its versatility, strength, and its high rate of adoption by local residents.