A modified Bookr v to support viewing CHM/HTML file using PSP’s Bookr – a document reader for the Sony PSP – Latest Version: Release Date: /12/3. Notes for this version: Fixed crash when opening PDF file which has many pages. – Enhance MuPDF, uses. Download Bookr for free. A document reader for the Sony PSP with native PDF rendering.

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Gets or sets the visibility of Excel to True or False. Do not construct this class directly, use Range. Gets or sets the width, in characters, of a Range. Sets the Excel file which is used to mock xw.

Apply converters and options to return values, see also Range. Creates a new Excel file with the xlwings VBA module already included.

Migrate to v — xlwings dev documentation

Gets or sets the height, in points, of a Range. If all columns in the Range have the same width, returns the width.

Returns a Range object that represents the cell at the end of the region that contains the source range. Otherwise it defaults to bkokr. The default value is True.

Ignores empty top-left cells unlike Range. Apply converters and options to arguments, see also Range. If the Range is outside the used range bokr the Worksheet, and rows in the Range have different heights, returns the height of the first row.


To be able to easily invoke such code from Python for debugging, use xw.

Downloading File /bookr//bookrfwzip – Bookr – OSDN

For proportional fonts, the width of the character 0 zero is used. Defaults to Excel standard name if not provided, e. To remove the background, set the color to Nonesee Examples. Range 11 xw.

Unlike standard Excel arrays, dynamic arrays are being used from a single cell like a standard function and auto-expand depending on the dimensions of the returned array:. Figure — Either a filepath or a Matplotlib figure object.

7.11 means that you need to watch out yourself so that the same file is not being overwritten from different instances.

App or something like xw. This can be helpful if speed is an issue but naturally will be engine specific, i. Opens a new workbook and displays an object on its first sheet by default. C2′ for r in rng.

If you provide a sheet object, it will clear the sheet before displaying the object on the existing sheet. Converters define how Excel Ranges and their values are being converted both during reading and writing operations. Range ‘A1’xw. One of ‘table”down”right’. Also note that a dynamic array biokr an empty row and column at the bottom and to the right and will overwrite existing data without warning.


Returns a names collection that represents all the names in the specified book including all sheet-specific names. Requires name to be set. Opens a Book if it is not open yet and returns it. It can also specify a range using the range operator a colon.


This property returns a Range object representing a range bounded by but not including any combination of blank rows and blank columns or the edges of aa worksheet. Returns the distance, in points, from the top edge of row 1 to the top edge of the range. New Excel instances can be fired up like so: Convert x into a 2-dimensional numpy array:.

Returns a Range object that represents all the cells on the Sheet not just the cells that are currently in use. If rows in the Range have different heights, returns None. A nonvolatile function is recalculated only when the input variables change. The chart object is a member of the charts collection:. B4′ for c in rng. Bolkr assert len rng. Represents the rows of a range.

Names cannot include spaces and cannot be formatted as cell references. Defaults to the hyperlink address. Expands the range according to the mode provided. A collection of all chart objects on the specified sheet:. A collection of all book objects:.