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It is also very important to present the dstasheet independently of the values of Vcc and L. Typical Capacitance 1—36 Rectifier Device Data MURE, The unclamped inductive switching circuit shown in Figure 6 was used to demonstrate the controlled ava- lanche capability of the new “E” series Ultrafast rectifiers. For a given total lead length, lowest values occur when one side of the rec- tifier is brought as close as possible to datqsheet heat sink.

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The data was used in Equation 1 to obtain points for Figure 9. Typical Capacitance — H H — Figure 7. Ideally suited for low voltage, high frequency rectification, or as free wheeling and polarity protection diodes in surface mount applications where compact size and weight are critical to the system.

Belt Furnaces readily handle large or small volumes and are adaptable to establishment of “on-line” assembly since a variable belt speed sets the run rate.

This paper sets new standards for characterizing byw800 lanche ruggedness. Ideally suited for use as rectifiers in low-voltage, high frequency inverters, free-wheeling diodes, and polarity-protection diodes. The top copper lead is also stress relieved. Maximum Non-Repetitive Surge Current 0.

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I AV hlA ‘ Step 4. For R0JL t values at pulse widths less than 0. The paste contains both the metal and flux and can be dispensed rapidly. Regardless of the heating method used, a soldering profile giving the time-temperature relationship of the particular method must be determined to assure proper soldering. Board where available copper surface is small. The rectifier selector section that follows has generally been arranged by package and technology.


Thermal Clad is a trademark of the Bergquist Company.

Btw80 use in com- mon rectifier circuits, Table 1 indicates suggested factors for an equiv- alent dc voltage to use for conservative design, that is: Button holding fixtures for use during soldering may be of various materials. This probably explains that the ava- lanche-related failures occur anywhere on the die surface: Maximum ratings applied to the device are individual stress limit values not normal operating conditions and are not valid simultaneously.

For example, for a SOT device, Pp is calculated as follows. Soldering each should be carefully examined before attempting a finished assembly or mounting operation. Although it is not recommended to design for this condition, the new “E” series provides added protection against those unforeseen transient viruses dqtasheet can produce unexplained random datasheeh in unfriendly environments.

Gradual cooling should be used since the use of forced cooling will increase the temperature gradient and will result in latent failure due to mechanical stress.

Cracked die inside the button may be observed by a moving reverse oscilloscope trace when pressure is applied to the unit. The failure does not always appear in the same region of the die. Datawheet out- put responses were the forward voltage, the breakdown voltage, the leakage current and the avalanche capability. The circuit board, because it has a large surface area, absorbs the thermal energy more efficiently, then distributes this energy to the components.

Typical Reverse Current Figure 3. This graph gives the maximum avalanche duration for any datashert of avalanche current. Current Derating, Case Figure 4.


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This literature is subject to all applicable copyright laws and is not for resale in any manner. Power dissipation for a surface mount device is determined by Tj maxthe maximum rated junction temperature of the die, Rqja, the thermal resistance from the device junction to ambient, and the operating temperature, Ta- Using the values provided on the data sheet, Pq can be calculated as follows: These products can be acceptable for new designs but the preferred types are considered better alternatives for long term usage.

Rectification efficiency measurements show that operation will be satisfactory up to several megahertz. A wide range of epitaxy materials was chosen to determine the general trends for datashet the effects.

Dynamic Parameters versus Junction Temperature Figure The Safe Avalanching Area is generated by taking a safety margin from the failure points. Bye80 an annealed copper terminal a thick- ness of 0.

Defects in the passivation can generate parasitic oscillations during breakdown. This can vary from the minimum pad size for soldering to a pad size given for maximum power dissipation.

Nickel plating oxides are best removed by an acid base flux while an activated rosin flux may be sufficient for tin plated parts. Employs the Schottky Barrier principle in a byw8 area metal-to-silicon power diode. Power is slightly lower for the 1N because of its lower forward voltage, and higher for the 1N This is the most economical labor method of soldering large volumes.