Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV) – Hundreds of versions in + different languages – the Bible that goes with you anywhere. Download now or read. Hey, I was wondering if anyone had read the Catholic Public Domain Version ( CPDV) Bible. It is a new translation of the Latin Vulgate that was. From March of to March of , I worked nearly every day translating the Latin Vulgate Bible into modern English. When completed, I.

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The Sixtus V and Clement VIII editions of the Vulgate draw upon centuries of scholarship and tradition, which find their roots not only in the Biblical work of Saint Jerome, but also in the Latin texts used from the earliest days of the Christian Church. But the Neo-Vulgate itself biblee not useful as a source text, because it is more a paraphrase of the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin texts, and less a continuation of the Latin texts used by the Church from the beginning.

Even though some radical traditionalist Catholic do exaggerate it sometimes even going so far as to claim that the Vulgate is ‘divinely inspired’, cpdc fact of the matter is that, both historically and theologically, the Vulgate is an extremely important translation. However, since the translation is public domain, several different persons or entities have published an edition at Amazon.

I would love to see this done professionally. It remains, even today, one of the better English language versions of the Bible.

Information about the Catholic Public Domain Version of the Sacred Bible

This site uses cookies. In another sense, a “Catholic Bible” is a Bible published in accordance with the prescriptions of Catholic canon lawwhich states:. Still I don’t know Latin and his translation does not have any ecclesial approval that I’m aware bibke, so I have a hard time feeling comfortable with this Bible.


It buble the advantage of allowing less common insights to be clearly expressed. The Bible should always be free from copyright and other restrictions.

Retrieved 28 September This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Some reference was made, on occasion, to Tyndale, to the King James Version, as well as to some cprv the more modern Protestant translations of the Bible. Prayer Devotions Bible Biblical canon.

Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV)

Since the Bible itself teaches vpdv women should be silent, should not have a role of teaching, or authority, or leadership over men, and that they should be subordinate, how is it that nearly every modern group translation of the Bible includes women as translators, editors, and in various leadership roles?

Not that I know that this wasn’t professionally biible, and I haven’t really evaluated this translation to the limits of my own Latin. Index Outline Lists of Catholics.

Retrieved from ” https: Kleist — Lilly New Testament. For whoever is the cpv among you all, the same is greater. The team at Drawn to Faith is excited to introduce their first Catholic journaling bible. The CPDV is online here http: The CPDV is intended to be used in study, personal prayer and reflection, Scriptural interpretation and commentary, as well as in liturgical services. Let the reader beware!

I am fascinated by his stated goals of trying to make a modern translation of the Vulgate.

Catholic Bible

Ordinary, Extraordinary, or Tertium Quid? I own The Message Canvas Bible which is fantastic! Literal versus Paraphrase Translations of the Bible can generally be placed somewhere along a continuum from a stricter, more literal translation to a looser, more paraphrased translation. The Church is only infallible in its magisterial dogmatic teachings and dogmatic facts.


The effect of this view is seen in many modern Bible translations, which treat the Sacred Text as if it were a merely human work, subject to error, subject to unlimited manipulation, criticism, and alteration by scholars.

They actually published this a long time ago and I even cpsv a link to it in a comment to an earlier post concerning the question of journaling Catholic Bibles. Gallery This entry was posted in Scripture. Retrieved 21 January Third, the Clementine Vulgate has undergone centuries of scholarship and critical review.

But ccpdv other persons have complained bitterly about my work, mainly on the basis that the translation is unapproved. This attempt to merge all extant Biblical texts into one definitive version is a common, well-intentioned, but very misguided approach to Bible translation.

First, the Sixtus V and Clement VIII editions were based on the scholarly study of literally thousands of manuscripts from the Latin Scriptural tradition, some quite ancient. Its canon of Old Testament texts is somewhat larger than that in translations used by Protestants, which are typically based exclusively on the shorter Hebrew and Aramaic Masoretic Text.

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