The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Jaya by Devdutt Pattanaik Ajaya by Anand Neelakantan Karna’s Alter Ego by Surendra Nath Mrityunjaya. Devdutt Pattanaik is an Indian author known for fictional work and interpretations of ancient Indian scriptures. He has incorporated Vedic knowledge into human resource management. His books include Myth = Mithya: A Handbook of Hindu Mythology; Jaya: An. I have read five renowned versions of Mahabharata (marked as authentic by experts). I have also read Devdutt Pattanaik’s book “Jaya – An Illustrated Retelling of.

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It even felt like I could recommend this book to any non-Indian person who might be interested in knowing more about this epic. This text is extremely focused for reading compared to the plethora of books on this topic.

The author has also given his interpretations of a lot of events in the book which build upon his central theme – the answer to the question – to judge or not to judge God. Power flows towards the leader or, rather, boss rather than towards the organization.

InPattanaik was listed in the top category of bestselling Indian authors.

Review: Jaya by Devdutt Pattanaik – Aromas of Incandescent Reveries

Whether or not you believe in or like the explanation is a subjective thing but I found his attempt to answer, commendable. If you are really looking for an authentic story of Mahabharata, I would strongly recommend Rajaji’s ‘Mahabharata’. If you want to understand the true meaning of this epic then without any doubt do pick this book. Was more like a precise guide to Mahabharatha.

Other such stereotypical, pedestrian and formulaic theories abound in this book and I personally think we could have done without them. Through adventures and small pattajaik Jaya asks us questions that make us wonder what is right, what is wrong? Focusing on Natyashastra, a Sanskrit Hindu text on the performing arts written by Bharata Muni, Devdutt has answered questions on the origins of the text and why it was referred to as the Panchama Veda.

But as the book progresses the reader gets the feeling that the incidents are treated a bit too cursorily.

I have already read the Mahabharata and I’m following lessons with a Swamini about the Bhagavad Gita, so I know there is a lot more and deeper meanings but “Jaya” is really a very good book. Instead, I shall touch upon some of the other interesting aspects of the epic that the author writes about.


Pattanaik’s take on the wisd When I give three stars to a book, it’s often grudgingly as I think I may be over-emphasising its merits, or guiltily as I think I may be downplaying the book’s merits. May 01, Vinay Leo R. Reading mahabharata was a sudden and unexpected choice on my part. It is before and not after the burning of the forest that Agni gives Krishna and Arjuna their weapons and chariot, obtaining them from Varuna, which they use in the massacre.

There are departures from the original without any indication of the source for such a different account, e. Elsewhere, it is also shown that the Pandavas did argue and bicker among themselves over Yudhishtra’s penchant for continuing to play the game of dice and losing everything in the process. This ending is the reason the book was originally called Jaya by Vyasa. It is Dhritarashtra who insists the Pandavs go there to celebrate the festival of Shiv.

Review: Jaya by Devdutt Pattanaik

Very simple yet meaningful illustration of the epic Mahabharata. But as you go further into the book, it’s a pleasant read. More than the discourse its the illustrations that show the true creativity of Devdutt. Still above is Vaikuntha, heaven, abode of God. No chapter ends with a cliff-hanger. Mahabharata does in no way preach religion but it does speak about the authority of a supreme being over the world and its inhabitants.

One of the immediate impacts of listening to the audio is that I eagerly want to read the Bhagavad Gita. Aug 24, Devdut Achhpal rated it it was amazing.

For example, in this book the great war has been compressed into just 1 part whereas in Vyasa’s version, 4 of the 18 parvas are devoted to the war – Bhishma parva, Drona parva, Karna parva and Shalya parva. I also heard it instead of reading the illustrated version. Yes this book is a page-turner though we knew the ending and plot.

It is evident that a lot of research went into writing the book, and I always appreciate authors who work hard to gift you that extra something special.


Still, all this being said, this is not a bad way to get introduced to the Mahabharata. One thing that always stood out as an anamoly was the repeated conduct of ‘adharmic’ actions by the Pandavas during the war and Krishna’s collusion in most of them.

In most conflicts prejudice gets the better of men, and Man forgets the whole scheme of things and chaos prevails. I’ve flipped through the book before and think reading it will be better than listening to the audio. He has been rather contemptuous of the hyper-nationalism of a section of American Hindus who are clueless about Indian realities. So vivid is the prose that one can easily create visualisations of the events.

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At least illustrations per page, which made reading pleasanter. Its not about characters or plots. Fiction author Ashwin Sanghi has said that Pattanaik attempts to “explain uaya in simple words”.

Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata

Time, Desire and its fruits, the eidetic image of the cosmic tree that occurs in the Shanti Parva and the Gita. Richly illustrated with over line drawings by the author, the chapters abound with little-known details such as the names of the hundred Kauravas, the worship of Draupadi as a goddess in Tamil Nadu, the stories of Astika, Madhavi, Jaimini, Aravan and Barbareek, the Mahabharata version of the Shakuntalam and the Ramayana, and the dating of the war based on astronomical data.

The explanation of events are done on many planes – rational, metaphysical, devduth, bringing a lot of clarity to the complex tale. In Vaikuntha there is bliss forever, in Swarga there is pleasure for only as long as you deserve.

Review A Bookworm’s Musing: The story is too well known to be recounted here. The numerous characters, their inner conflicts, their complex relations, their d Reading mahabharata was a sudden and unexpected choice on my part.