This is to fund an expansion and update to the German Army Book “Angriff” for Disposable Heroes II WW2 Wargaming rules. Tabletop Games. Backers: This is to fund an expansion and update to the German Army Book. This expansion to the Disposable Heroes and Coffin For Seven Brothers system adds details for including German Armed forces in your games.

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Great news for international backers: If you have additional news that doesn’t appear here, shoot us a link! For this project, we will be using a USA based printer that we have used previously and have an established relationship. We will always be as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Disposable Heroes Angriff (German Army)

We added both BrigadeGames WW2 squads and Artizan squads, both of which you can add at a discount to retail. Estimated delivery Jan Make sure to share this with any online group you think might be interested. And to give you some more details, we’re sharing the Table of Contents and one of the scenarios!


Questions about this disposabe Shipping wngriff be billed after the Kickstarter via the pledge manager and will be based on your final overall pledge through Kickstarter and any additions in the pledge manager.

Angriff for Disposable Heroes 2 Now on Kickstarter

December 7th herors via: After the Kickstarter is over, we will send you a survey to confirm your pledge details, add-ons and shipping choice. Angriff German Army Book – Soft cover printed copy This level qualifies you for any stretch goals and rewards. Trends are not projections. This will be a separate transaction that you will pay BrigadeGames directly. When you claim it, we’ll You can read more about it here. Shipping costs will be collected after the Kickstarter via the survey form and based on all the items in your pledge plus any items added during the survey plus shipping.

Adding any other items may increase the postage due to the weight of the parcel.

Due to our printer having print facilities in the UK and Australia we are able to offer reasonable shipping on book only orders to the UK, EU and Australia. Support Select this reward. Now you can share! It was always the intention to streamline, improve, and update the system, yet keep the elements that made the original rules popular and fun.

Together we have published dispodable of other rule books over the last 14 years. Cold Wars, Historicon angeiff Fall In.

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More Inspiration See what else works for projects like yours Find out what worked for other successful projects and get some fresh ideas. From the time the original version of “Angriff”, the German Army Book, was published, it has remained the most popular and therefore the best selling supplement for Disposable Heroes.

Trademarks and related content are owned by their respective companies. Please see the shipping section below.

Dec 6, – Dec 20, 14 days. Now we are looking to fund the revision of “Angriff”, the German Army Book. So Why an Update?