Abstract. This paper describes a computer-aided design for design of the concave globoidal cam with cylindrical rollers and indexing turret. Abstract—This paper describes a computer-aided design for design of the concave globoidal cam with cylindrical rollers and swinging follower. Four models. Globoidal Cams combine great strength and stiffness with compactness. MechDesigner will calculate the Globoidal cam profile to machine accuracy (no.

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In section 3 we describe in detail some modelling methods that can be used to create the globoidal cam surfaces. The followings are three methods that can be used to create the pitch surface.

Globoidal cam indexer

Thank-you for your help. The graphs-based method Create a revolution surface of the globoidal body of the cam Figure 9 a. Section 2 presents the theoretical background cqm concave globoidal cam. Therefore, the first method is the best choice when considering the modelling methods.

In order to make animation and verify the interference between components in the globoidal cam mechanism, first, an assembly of the cam and the follower is made.

If there is no interference and the clearance between the components is small enough, then the result is acceptable. Here, we introduce two groups of methods that can be used to create the cam surfaces, namely Pitch surface-based methods and Standard cutter-based method.

Finally, conclusion remarks are given in Section 5. Input data and calculations Given a concave globoidal cam with an oscillating follower that has two cylindrical rollers.

A cam set converts a uniform input This circle goes through the intersection point of the roller axes and its center is in the cam axis and it is also called the origin trajectory. Help us write another book on this subject and reach those readers.

In order to choose the best one among them, the interference between the cam and its rollers must be checked. Globoidal Cam Indexers Right angle indexers are typically used for continuously running applications with cams designed to match the indexing and idle Perform some extra cuts to get the desired cam, model 4 Figure 1 2d. The following is the procedure to make animation and check interference. Right Angle Indexers are ideal for high speed, high accuracy applications.


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This method is similar to the previous method but here the two pitch surfaces are created at the same time. Cut a bank by sweeping a rectangular section Figure 7 to form the cam surfaces if the following constrains are performed:. To see the cam easily, the pitch surfaces on four final models in figures 9 to 12 are hidden. This curve can be drawn on model 1 and model 2 for the purpose of checking interference.

In Figure 3, the development plane is the plane that is normal to the axis of the roller and located anywhere along the length of the roller. If they are large, the errors of output angular displacements will be large and the model in this globpidal may have to be eliminated. They represented the surface geometry of the cam as the swept surfaces of the tool paths. Viewing results and taking gllboidal.

Design and Manufacture Globoidal Cams

In this acm, the single thread-type is the globoidal cam that we will deal with. The angle between two positions called frames in Mechanism Design module is 0.

Last, use a kinematics analysis to obtain information on interference between components. The outline of the chapter is as follows. Create the upper pitch surface by using the Variable Section Sweep command Figure 9 c.

Your suggestions for improvement: Login to your personal dashboard for more detailed statistics on your publications. Create a revolution surface of the globoidal body of the cam Figure 1 1a. The T series is a globoidal cam indexor that offers an orthogonal shaft transmission. Create 3 graphs for the angle between the sweeping line and the datum plane Figure 9 bthe height of the pitch point on the sweeping line, and the distance radius from the pitch point to the cam axis.


Thus, these clearances must be checked to ensure that they are small enough. Create the origin trajectory and two 3D curves Figure 1 2b.

Two of them are collinear with the axes of the two rollers. Figure 1 6 shows the animation playback of the concave globoidal cam with indexing turret follower.

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Solutions for use in packaging, printing and silk-screening machines, linear conveyors This is also a great potential for industry application.

If the diameters of the cutter and the roller are equal, the motion of the cutter will be similar to that of the roller in the machining process, and of course, the cutter must rotate about its axis roller axis. This 3D curve is the locus of a point, which located on the roller axis it can be the pitch pointwhen the follower rotating.

One of these curves is a circle in the datum plane. This is the basis for high precision, positive action and long service life. Embed this code snippet in the HTML of your website to show this chapter. There are some methods used to model concave globoidal cams.

These clearances can be manually measured in assembly standard mode or in mechanism mode. There are totally positions checked for a full revolution of the cam.

The working surfaces of the cam can be obtained gliboidal the pitch surfaces by offsetting them a distance that is equal to the radius of the roller. There are some calculations that must be done before making the models as follows: Evaluate the quality of the search results: Modifying Joint Axis Settings.