LEGO set database: Multi Model Control Set. Find great deals for Lego Technic Muiti Control Set. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Now this is what a universal set should be. Set was released in and contained quite a lot of firsts. There are 4 models, all of which are quite unique.

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An 8 tooth pinion next mates with a perpendicular 24 tooth crown, further reducing the speed.

Lego Technic 8082 Muiti Control Set

This final gear turns an axle which pivots a crank arm of the main fork arms. The first parallel path splits off of the green axle at the worm gear which drives the pink 24 tooth crown. The designer should be proud. The final gear ratio between the motor and the rear wheels is about Rome Wed Jan 16, However, the internal mechanical workings are fascinating.

Vienna Fri Jan 11, Translation of the rack system causes the worm gears to mesh with various different pego gear 882, thus controlling multiple operating functions of the vehicle. The tan pinion drives the steering rack. The micro motor is used as a sort of mechanical transmission, shifting between the primary functions. The forks do not tilt. When both driven worm gears mate with these, the entire vehicle moves forward or backward.

  6ES7321 1BL00 0AA0 PDF

Let’s start at the motor output shaft.

Paris Wed Jan 16, Paris Tue Jan 15, The blue gears drive the left side and the green gears drive the right side. A pulley drives an axle with a pair of pinion gears at the ends.

LEGO Universal Set with two motors Instructions , Technic

Madrid Thu Jan 03, Although difficult to see in the image, there is another axle behind the one with two worm gears. When the drive system is translated all the way into the aft position, the upper driven worm gear drives the 24 tooth crown in the computer image. The belt axle drives a worm gear as well as a pair of 16 tooth spur gears. Berlin Thu Jan 10, As a secondary effect, this means that the props turn slightly as the nacelles pivot.

The fork mechanism is a 4-bar linkage which remains parallel to the ground. Lego Technic c02 9V Batteriekasten schwarz aus This, along with the rear pivot point, gives the forks a lot of lifting power and no chance whatever of backdriving the motor.

The final path is controlled by the end of the pink axle where you can see a crankshaft lefo. A second set of pulleys have equal size so result in no further adjustment.

All 3 of these worms are therefore rotating whenever the main motor is powered. This pole reverser controls the voltage polarity to the micro motor. This means that the pivot mechanism was forced to be offset from this axis. Click for an animation of the drive system in motion. The indicator aligns with one of the 3 different tiles at each function. The second spur axle drives another pair of worms. Vienna Fri Jan 25, Lego Technic Vintage 9v Motors.


Berlin Sat Jan 12, This results in a gear ratio of roughly This pole reverser controls power to the red micro motor. The right hand switch moves side to side and controls the steering of the model.

This makes driving quite difficult and going straight almost impossible. Rotation of the crank axle waves the arms up and down through the yellow toothed links.

Multi Model Control Set | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

A micro motor drives an axle through a belt and a pair of pulleys. The second computer image shows the lgo black axle which connects to this crank, producing an oscillating motion.

Vienna Mon Dec 31, Model by Benjamin Wendl.