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The Lilith Bible Tarot

The analysis of each partner’s chart see the Love Relationships service, section Analysis of birth chart: We all are equals before God, in the sense that the rules are the same for everyone at the school of life: To answer your question, I will use all the tools at my disposition: In modern society, many people share the view that human life is the result of a random union of two cells, male and female, and the human body further develops under the influence of the environment where being determines consciousness.

The Lunar Nodes of the Horoscope: Key – rulers are Uranus unexpected and the North Lunar Nodes destiny and dharma Storks – rulers are Jupiter travel and Uranus changes A mountain ram with golden wool standing at the top of a mountain, turning back its head and lifting one leg above the chasm. Rider – ruler is Mercury communication ; astrological sign is Aquarius air 2. The part of the body: Garden – ruler is Venus harmony ; astrological signs are Libra air and Sagittarius fire In these two really different cases, it is very interesting and useful to know our partner better, to evaluate mutual expectations and to analyze the potential of the relationship.

If you need a deeper analysis of your professional profile, you may want to order the Career choice service. I’m going to have some serious studying to follow any of this!!


Astrology and Lenormand – Aeclectic Tarot Forum

Ring – ruler ,ilith Venus harmony ; astrological sign is Taurus earth Identification, expression, impulsive actions The symbolic image: Each soul has its own path, its unique mission, its destiny; for each soul an exclusive program is intendedas well as individual lessons and tests. The ultimate goal of human evolution is that a supreme being, completed and divine, comes to possess all the best qualities of each sign of the Zodiac.

The Sun in the sign: Birds – ruler is Mercury communication ; astrological signs are Sagittarius fire and Capricorn earth In the birth lenormanc of each person is encrypted the axis of her destiny.

House – ruler is Moon family ; astrological sign is Taurus earth 5.

It is the symbol of a brave and a very active ram, taking its flight and bringing the whole of humanity with him. The Lenorman Nodes in the Signs of the Zodiac.

In addition, during economic and ideological crises, people increasingly lenormannd politics, progress and civilization. Sun – ruler is Sun success ; connected to all fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius More information on our decision can be found here.

Clover – ruler is Jupiter good fortune ; astrological sign lenoemand Sagittarius fire 3. The birth of a child in the family is an event of great importance, and parents are sometimes confronted with a complex issue: Fox – ruler is Neptune delusions But the fact is that we cannot believe blindly and thoughtlessly. Through it is revealed the whole reality of an individual, with the experience of his past lives and his karma.

Having a deep interest in the study of different levels of consciousness and existence, I select for myself a form of knowledge: Man – ruler is Sun masculine symbol The Absolute uses various ways to communicate what it expects from us, we just have to be able to read the signs on our way. There is just one life and a short oneand nothing after that remains but a ruined body and a disappeared consciousness.


The symbolism of the Zodiac is an integral part of a coherent system of myths that explain the structure of the world. Crossroad – ruler is Uranus opportunity ; astrological sign is Libra air If you need a thorough and detailed analysis of the compatibility and future evolution of the relationship, you should order the Couple Synastry service; Questions regarding professional and financial preoccupations: The human being, possessor of an immortal soul, comes back to earth, each time in a new incarnation, with the goal of pursuing his evolution.

Mountain – ruler is Saturn isolation ; astrological sign is Capricorn earth Coffin – ruler is Pluto transformation ; astrological sign is Leo fire 9.

The planet in exaltation: If it’s in long-term predictions on the topics of career and finances you’re interested, think about ordering the astrological predictions service generic or thematic ; Causes, background and current state of a situation or negotiation, trends and perspectives of its evolution. Child – ruler is the Moon childhood Masculine The part of the body: Scythe – ruler is Mars action ; astrological sign is Libra air Stars – ruler is Jupiter good fortune; astrological sign is Aquarius air Moon – ruler is Moon emotions ; pairs with all water signs Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio Is a conjugal relationship many years old tying you with your current partner?