Information sheet. Genki product information – English. Manuals. Genki User Manual – English · Genki User Manual – French · Genki User Manual – German. This superb LINN Genki CD Player has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 3 month warranty. It has been tested and is in full working order. You have to look hard to spot the difference between the upscale Ikemi reviewed on the previous pages and the Genki. From the front there is only one giveaway.

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This is my main complaint, as the remote has 56 evenly spaced and shaped buttons. The architecture is the same, and so are the power supply and the digital-to-analog converter, complete with HDCD decoding chip. How close does the Genki get to the Ikemi? Our Vault pages may have some display quirks.

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REVIEW: Linn Genki CD Player/Recorder – Keith – General Asylum

Additionally, sleep mode activates while listening to a CD, removing the track information from the display. The restraint and interplay of all instruments in this song impressed me as few players have reproduced this balanced linh while exposing notes I hadn’t really heard before. Does the Ikemi fit into the Linn family?

Brilliant Slimline Power Supply. Linn’s custom-built transport used in the Ikemi and the CD actually doubles the cost of the player. Check out the full review in our print edition. Please explain the problem you are having. After all, moderately high-end equipment has to look and sound good, all while matching its multi-staged brethren. Use Small gnki light, will fit almost anywhere; remote will control other Linn products too.

This sleep function must be turned on through the advanced user options, which is good because it certainly isn’t too useful. You have to look hard to spot the difference between the upscale Ikemi reviewed on the previous pages and the Genki.


But Linn makes it clear it doesn’t much believe in balanced cabling, though customers buying very expensive gear expect to have it. In all other respects, operating the Genki is just like operating the Ikemi. I wonder if we Americans have something to do with that; after all, we love our autos and fast food super-sized.

For comparison purposes, I had the Mark Levinson No. The Genik and No. You can control the startup volume, CD auto-play, and CD status at power-down. Home Audio Equipment Review. Moreover, things seemed to be best described as “veiled” For those who enjoy weightlifting with components, the Linn is surprisingly light — again, if a few dollars in cost ,inn be saved by removing the lead, why not?

Look at the back and you’ll see more difference: Interestingly, the Genki has a half-inch height plastic cd tray mechanism with a terribly shallow ditch for the CD compared to my CAL Deltawhile the Ikemi has a thin, solid-metal cd tray like that of the Madrigal players.

They retain the same cute little Linn-boxy form, although the front panel now has a few more buttons for balance and volume control as well. The tray got the job done, but didn’t have much smoothness — to me, this is a perfectly good tradeoff, as I don’t really believe the manner or speed at which a CD travels into the player affects the sonic characteristics once the CD is spinning inside. I ended up prefering the Meridian with which it was compared to, saying that the had more punch, more rhythm, and created a more upbeat, exciting, pacy musical atmosphere.

Aside from the exciting tonal separation, another delight was the cleanliness of the playback.

Jacksonville, Florida Phone: But perhaps the greatest reason that Linn has decided to release the Ikemi now is that they still believe in the Geni. I would say that the Bel Canto DAC1 is a slight bit more sweet, but nothing to call much attention to. Five years parts and labor. Small and light, will fit almost anywhere; remote will control other Linn products too.


I’d be inclined to think that a significant power source and output can be put in such a small little one-box cd player.

LINN Genki CD Player

This post is made possible by the generous support of people like you and our sponsors: Smooth and refined top end along with a present and resolved bottom; offers “a gentle but unadorned quality to music”; “conjures a large soundstage and resolves very well.

If you like what you see in these sample articles, get lonn of UHF by subscribing. Perhaps it is the higher cost of production and engineering or the lack of average Joe customers, but Linn won’t be mistaken for Apple user interfaces anytime soon.

The Ikemi is the product of the research and development that went on with the CD12, and so it is trickle-down technology at work. Midway through the song, a flute wafts in with some blurred hesitation, though I was impressed by the ljnn of the flute player’s breath and warbling. In general, there is a gentle but unadorned quality to music made by the Ikemi.

The treble of Linn equipment is too refined and its bass generally not as fully realized as that of other products that seemingly do only the bottom end really well. Let’s start with the remote. General Asylum General audio topics that don’t fit llinn specific categories.